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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Habanero Thoughts: More Fire for the Soul

When it comes to cooked food, I like mine spicy with an assortment of hot peppers (scotch bonnet pepper is a MUST). They’ve been a part of my meals since I was at least 9-years-old.

I have a hard time eating cooked food that's mild; not because it tastes bad. The food just doesn't feed my spirit or sustain my passion in the same way that spicy, peppery foods do.

Sometimes people don't understand how I can go long periods of time without eating and still keep my energy up without suffering fatigue (I sometimes forget to eat). I read a passage in a book this morning that brought this thought directly to mind:

“ Vodou mental construct, exposition to fire after death is not a punishment like in the hell of the monotheistic religions, but a means of energizing the souls to counteract the effect of entropy.”

In other words, fire keeps the soul strong enough to fulfill its purpose. The book goes on to state that entropy “is a dreaded state or situation for the surviving semedo.”

“Semedo” is a Dahomean term for what the wise men of ancient Kemet understood as the subtle Body Double that survives after a person's dense physical body ceases functioning.

In Portuguese “Sem Medo” means “Without Fear.” The Semedo/body double can only conceive of a reality without fear once it ceases to identify exclusively with the temporality of the dense physical body it is encapsulated in. Da homies in Dahomey were visited by the Portuguese as far back as the 17th century.

The Portuguese were not looking for pepper, though. They were looking for that smokeless fire brought to the Western hemisphere in chains and shackles.

Your stomach is a brain. Just look at a picture of a human intestines and compare it to a picture of a human brain.We eat with our eyes, and a wise person watches what they eat. Feast on this fire for your soul. Make sure that you don’t spit out the grease.