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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Green Science & The Economy of Abundance

Someone once asked me why I would insist on paying a good friend full price for their service when they were willing to offer me that service for free. My answer was simple: My friend is incredible at what they do and should receive full compensation for their work.

There's nothing wrong with getting a good deal, or even a gift, when you can. However wholly embracing the “Get Over” mentality is for bums who think and act from a position of perpetual lack. The compensation we give to others should resonate with the energy frequency of the work they've produced.

Nothing that we receive that is of value is for free, even if it is given to us for free. Good marketing on the part of a manufacturer does not excuse us from the universal law of reciprocity. We WILL pay.

Whether we realize it or not, we always get charged at full price for whatever we take from others. You are even charged by the sun for the photonic food that you receive, which explains why you may feel taxed once you've been exposed to a lot of sunshine. Pay attention.

It is better for us to pay willingly for what we acquire on our own accord than be forced by unforeseen circumstances to pay a spiritual expense with compounded interest to satisfy a universal debt. Nature abhors a void, but a void is exactly what is created when great work is not enthusiastically compensated.

Gods and Goddesses don't penny pinch, nor do they work for free. They tip well and receive offerings and sacrifices from their tributaries. Surely, a skilled mortal is worthy of their hire. The great work of people who create value is ALWAYS rewarded despite what we think we see while making observations from the outside looking in.

There are non-corporeal intelligences in our universe that accumulate spiritual currency from the sorrow and misfortune of stingy men and women who have the power to give, but choose not to.

This currency accumulated from their collective grief is placed in a Meta Bank, from which CosmiCoins are withdrawn and disseminated to dedicated men and women who create value in society by doing The Work that fosters culture which forms the bedrock upon which high civilizations are built.

Every god and goddess from your favorite pantheon is an angel investor and a creditor. Are you drowning in debt, or is your credit line steadily increasing through your valuable contributions? It is my personal observation that those who practice philanthropy smile very often, and these smiles are not forced. These are the genuine smiles of people who are safeguarded by universal law.

Those who diligently keep their noses to the grindstone, despite a perceived lack of support, will inevitably receive credit line increases and currency from the Masters of the Universe who are shareholders of the Meta Bank. Visible success takes its time accumulating mass and volume within the realm of the unseen.

It is wise to conserve precious resources, but in a universe of abundance, being dishonorably cheap doesn't pay. Follow the rhythm of reciprocity and participate in the dance of abundance today.