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Friday, December 19, 2014

The Legend of King "Author" & His 12 Knights of the Clock Table

All deadlines are dead lines. They are artificial time markers that serve as Knights of the Round Table inside of our wrist watches and clocks. Deadlines are the feudal ambassadors and enforcers of Time, to whom all serfs must pay tribute.

Anything that perpetually bows to time will be crucified on the cross of spiritual impotence with no chance of resurrection. If our entire lives revolve around deadlines set by others then we relegate ourselves to zombies. We fashion our own corpses as exemplars of the undead.

Let's work on making time what we want it to be, because when we simply “manage” time, we make it the primary focus of our existence which it was never meant to be. It's so reactionary, which is the complete opposite of  proactivity.

It would serve us well to focus intently on what we actually value, before giving any thought about how time influences what we think we value. In doing this we construct the circumstantial mechanism that propels us through time at the speed of our core values.

Your life is a book, and you were meant to be the author of your days. Are you sitting comfortably on your throne as “King Author” or do you bow to “King Arthur”?

When we make time bow and curtsey to our own personal values then we’re using the magic of Merlin to effectively govern the empire of our years through the miraculous art of space-time perception.

This is the promised key to the pearly gates of the heaven in the firmament of our minds. Behold, the kingdom is ours!