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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sweet Djinn Music & The Psychology Behind Power Accretion

“Spirits do not fall from Heaven except in anger or because they are expelled,”

 – Dogon priest Ogotemmêli speaking on the descent of the Nummo to planet Earth.

There are Sunni Muslims—specifically those of Indo-European descent—who believe that musical instruments, especially wind and string instruments, are Haram (forbidden) and should be avoided by true believers of the Islamic faith.

Some Islamic thinkers have even said that music is the Quran of Shaitan (Satan) and they use respected texts of their religious sect to reiterate this belief. According to the 13th century Islamic legal document Reliance of The Traveller, which references Hadith compiled by Abu Dawud—a 9th century theologian who moonlights as a ventriloquist for the prophet Muhammad—we read:

“Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments, flutes, strings, crucifixes, and the affair of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance. On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will pour molten lead into the ears of whoever sits listening to a songstress. Song makes hypocrisy grow in the heart as water does herbage.”  

The tambourine, which is a non-African instrument, is regarded with exception in this case. The quote above shows us the thought process of one who does not value a wide variety of sound in their music—a feature that has always typified African and African derived music. I’m willing to bet that Dawud was born to a people who aren’t known for making powerful music that can appeal to millions of people across the planet of all races, colors, and creeds. In other words, Dawud was not an African.

String instruments, like the violin and the piano (a piano was really just a harp inside of a wooden box with ivory keys attached to the strings. Harps were imported into Europe from North Africa. So were the elephant tusks used to make the piano keys since there are no elephants in Europe), were introduced to Europe by the Moors who gentrified Europe in the 8th century C.E. The Moors are the forefathers of what we have come to know as “classical music.” Do some research on Angelo Souliman. He was a Nigerian classical music composer and reformer of Freemasonry during the 18th century.

I won’t even bother to get into blues, country, rock, jazz, pop, R&B, reggae, funk and hip-hop music which were all created by Black people, who have always stood at the vanguard of creative musical expression. Music has always been an essential part of Black culture wherever it has been found on the globe. Therefore any teaching, whether religious or secular, that demonizes the creative expression of modern music as a whole is a direct assault on Black people wherever they are found in the Diaspora. The 2012 ban on all non-religious music in Mali, initiated by Wahabists in the country’s  northern region, is a primary example.

Yet is the belief that music comes from the devil just a fringe concept among a few Muslims over the centuries? Perhaps. Maybe the Moors of Medieval Europe and West Africa—who improvised various forms of music—were not as Islamic as many Moorish historians make them out to be in light of the indisputable facts pointed out above. Perhaps Islam was merely a political filter that the historical Moors used to Africanize Europe without completely alienating potential strategic allies among the orthodox Muslims of Arabia and the emerging Ottoman Empire.

According to orthodox Islamic theology, Iblis (Lucifer) came from a smokeless fire in primordial times. This was long before the creation of Adam. According to some West African cosmologies—which were certainly familiar to West African Moors of the Medieval period—all Black people literally come from the sun. Cultural anthropologist Marcel Griaule says that the Dogon wise man Ogotemmêli specifically told him this when you read his book Conversations with Ogotemmêli: An Introduction to Dogon Religious Ideas.

It is conceivable that Muslim theologians living over 1,400 years ago would consider our sun as a “smokeless fire.”  After all, in order for fire to produce an abundance of smoke, oxygen would have to be present in outer space. Yet according to modern science, which owes a great debt to Islam, there is no oxygen in outer space, which might give one the notion that the sun is a “smokeless fire” even though it is really hydrogen which is very different from fire.  

Orthodox Islam, as it is understood and practiced by the majority of Muslims on the planet, is diametrically opposed to traditional African spirituality. Among other things, it demonizes Iblis/Lucifer, who is nothing more than the mythologizing of the Black man and woman as they are seen through Indo-European eyes that are gazing at the rear-view mirror of world history.

The Lucifer myth colorfully summarizes Black history going back to the last Age of Libra, which ended around 13,000 B.C.E. Mind you this is approximately the same time that the Sahara Desert began to dry up, which lead to mass migrations of Africans into the Nile Valley and the land mass surrounding the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The Age of Libra accelerated the Black race’s “FALL from grace,” given that Libra is a FALL Season. The Light of Egypt: The Science of the Soul and the Stars (Volume Two) offers additional insight on what the Age of Libra entailed for the Sons and Daughters of Light. However this is only if you have the prerequisite knowledge of ancient Black history on a global scale. Otherwise, that passage in the book is useless unless you’re a Libran looking for insight concerning your spiritual career on Earth.

To be anti-Luciferian is to be anti-Black. For the scary readers who don’t understand what I just said, please allow me to clarify. Satan and Lucifer are not the same entity although they are portrayed as such in Christian commentaries. The Latin prefix “Luci” means “Light.” The suffix “Fer” comes from the Latin word “Ferre,” (from which we get the English word Ferry) which means “to carry, to bear or to bring.”

If you have light to dark brown skin you have large quantities of carbon in it therefore you are a “light bearer.” Carbon absorbs light, therefore you are a Luciferian, a torch bearer, the polar opposite of a dumb muthafucka. This is why Blacks are more energized and alert in warm climates and sluggish and mentally slower in cold ones. Many Blacks even deal with bouts of depression when cold winter months set in. Blacks literally eat sunlight through their skin because they are LUCI-FERRY-AN (Light Carriers/Transporters). 

A Black person with an African-centered consciousness will never ever thrive in Orthodox Christianity or Orthodox Islam because these two religions have demonized the ancient Black man and woman at the height of their power through the Lucifer/Iblis mythos.

The picture below is an orthodox Islamic painting of Iblis (Lucifer). Notice that his skin is Black. This is because he is a Djinn who bares the mark of those who were burned by  the smokeless fire. He is also wearing a green robe, which is the color associated with the “Morning Star” Venus which is the astrological ruler of Libra. The Olmec as well as some ancient West Africans utilized calendars that were based on the cycles of Venus in ancient times.


Besides the supposed Abyssinian slave Bilal, Iblis is probably the only central Islamic figure that orthodox Muslims have depicted in their art as Black by a large consensus. ABYSSinia, the original name for the old Ethiopian Empire, gave us the English word “ABYSS” which is a bottomless pit. To enter a bottomless pit you must FALL into it.

The European took an African word and made it apply to something in its fallen state to reinforce a reality in which the African is in a perpetual state of degradation. The words that you use on a daily basis dictate your thought patterns. Your thought patterns construct your present reality. Understanding the inherent psychology behind the words you use imbues you with the tools of the master builder who has received the grip of the lion’s paw.

Until the Black man and woman spiritually identify with the smokeless fire that they came from they will not be able to harness the kinetic power of their souls’ inner sun. In his book The Rainbow: A Collection of Studies in the Science of Religion, author Claas Juoco Bleeker sates the following:

“In ancient Egypt thought was greatly fascinated by the dualism of life and death. The contrast between the fertile Nile Valley and the arid desert as a antithesis made the Egyptians consider life and death as mutual enemies. Still they were convinced that these two powers could be reconciled, namely in the divine life that overcomes death. Hence the Egyptian gods are beings who die and thereupon demonstrate their divinity upon resurrection and renewal after death.”

This is the single greatest challenge facing Black men and women today—the divine challenge of resurrecting and renewing ourselves on the heels of our holocaust so that we may reach our “Higher Ground” as Stevie Wonder sings. If you are a Black person functioning within the Judeo-Christian paradigm then Lucifer, “The Bright Morning Star” within you, is your only true redeemer.

Only the man who has fallen to earth can find his true home in the heavens. Don’t agree or disagree with me. Just think about what I’m saying. You came from a higher plane of existence. You can musically transport yourself back to this realm when you hop inside your musical mothership and enjoy the sounds of the greatest Merkaba Mystic of all time. I’m talking about the legendary George Clinton and his funk band Parliament Funkadelic.

A Black person who promulgates the virtues of art and high culture is an alien to planet earth.  In Arabic—which is a language developed by the ancient Blacks of the Arabian peninsula, that was both culturally and geographically a part of what we today call Africa before the advent of map sorcery—the name “Ali” means “Exalted.” The word “Ali” is used to identify one who comes from a state of elevation.

A person who is highly elevated naturally comes from a place that is high, possibly the heavens. The word “En” means “Lord” in Sumerian cuneiform. Sumer was one of the earliest known civilizations of the Near East, and the Blacks of ancient Arabia incorporated elements of Sumerian language and culture in formatting the Arabic language.

“Anu” or “An” is the Sumerian “Lord of Heaven.” Through deductive reasoning, it would seem to me, that an “Alien” is really an “Ali-En” or an “Ali-An(u)” which is an “exalted lord of the heavens” whom a modern English-speaking person would call an “Alien.” The English language is a hybrid of Latin, French, Spanish, German—and unbeknownst to many people—Arabic. English words like “Alcohol,” “Alchemy,” “Algebra,” and “Chemistry,” are all derived from the Arabic language. Don’t believe what I just said. Research it for yourself.

The thought that Black people are the direct descendants of Fallen Angels from heaven was not a fringe concept in early Christian Europe. In one of the pictures here you will see a rare Medieval depiction of Black people with wings being cast out of heaven. The two others are from France.

                                          Fallen Angels

One depicts Moors as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse while the other depicts them leading the Anti-Christ in their conquest of Rome to usher in the Apocalypse.  Yet another image shows a European being tormented by Black devils, who European academics agree was intended as a propagandistic depiction of Moors by white Christians. Mind you, this was all during a time when Black men known as “Black Oppressors” ruled large territories in Medieval Europe.

The Four Moorish Horsemen of the Apocalypse

         Moors leading the Anti-Christ into Rome

As long as your mortal enemies see you as the devil, then you can relax and rest assure that you are firmly planted in the seat of power. When the idea that you are the devil becomes laughable to them, then that’s when you should be a little concerned. In Western society, the man who runs the show, calls the shots, and gets to tell everyone what to do is always called the devil.

                 Medieval painting of Black Devils

The album sales showdown between 50 Cent and Kanye West in 2007 marked the beginning of a media campaign to erase the image of the Black male as one who evokes fear. The experience of fear is based on the observer’s recognition that the raw electro-magnetic energy that is radiating from the person he is observing is greater than his own. This cognition produces intense fear in the observer. The observer will have one of two responses to what they fear. They will passively submit to it, or move in to destroy it. This is part of the fight or flight mechanism.

 Since the Black male, by and large, is no longer a source of mystery who inspires fear—which is the only real power he has consistently had in The United States of America since 1865—a growing number of his own women do not want him anymore. He is being marginalized in American society more aggressively than any other group.

The Black male is being pushed into the meat grinders of socio-political and economic irrelevancy like a fucking cow. All desirable women want a man who radiates power in some way, shape, or form, whether it’s physical, intellectual, economic, political or all of the above. If you’re not the kind of woman that desirable men want, then I’m not talking about you in my reference to such women. You may in fact be attracted to the first guy who looks at you for more than five seconds, whether he has something of value to add to your life or not.

That’s none of my business though. My preoccupation with this particular blog post is to help inspire a transformation in the Black frog into an emerald-robed prince. The reason why the Black man no longer inspires fear is because he can be bought and paid for. He’ll do anything if the price is right. He isn’t willing to struggle to initiate the New World Order of the Ages that only he can usher in. A lot of men talk tough and pay lip service concerning what they are ready to die for, but what are we willing to live for? Dying is easy. Living is hard. What are we willing to live for that is eternal and everlasting?

Black Man, Do YOU call any group of men the devil? If so, why do you do it? Historically speaking, what power have you ever acquired from doing this? If you have not acquired power in calling other men “The Devil,” then what value is there in identifying them as such? I don’t have all the answers about life. I’m still learning and striving to figure out this puzzle just like you. However I strive to use things that work, so that I can become stronger, while discarding things that don’t work because they will only hamper my efforts to acquire power.  

For a man, few things are more important than the acquisition power, because only power enables a man to express the full capacity of his love. This love radiates from the man outward toward his family, then to his community, then his nation, and then his planet. When the kinetic energy that he has generated over time far surpasses the carrying capacity of the human flesh that he is encapsulated in, then the man eventually incarnates as a sun perpetually impregnating planets with love, life, and vitality.

Every time you look up in the sky and see the sun you are looking at a masculine intelligence that was once a man like you. He had fears just like you. He had flaws and imperfections, dreams and aspirations. The only difference between you and that glowing man in the sky is that he was able to rise upward on the scale of evolution through the acquisition of power.

Anyone who wants to limit your power, regardless of their race, religion, or gender, is trying to limit your capacity to express love. They’re trying to stop you from becoming a sun, which is a part of your destiny. You were born to shine. The only true lover that a man has, the only true friend that a man has, are those who assist him in increasing his power as opposed to containing it as an unrealized, wasted potential. If you do not have such people in your life then you are a single man with no friends.  

Let your ENEMIES call YOU the devil by being a loving, hard-working, and productive member of society who serves their community. When your enemies typecast you as the devil, don’t get mad. Instead, find ways to get them to depend on you. They will then talk horribly about you behind your back and smile in your face because of the comforts you afford them—which only confirms the unbearable reality for them that YOU are THEIR God.

They can’t afford to tell you how they really hate you to your face because you are their God, and offending you will heap hell-fire upon their heads as they are wholly dependent on you. Under this circumstance, they have no choice but to revert to what clinical psychologists call “Reaction Formation.” This is when you really hate someone, but you treat them with the extreme opposite emotion of intense love and admiration.

The personality of the Uncle Tom is a classic example of Reaction Formation. The Uncle Tom hates his slave master. He wishes to torture and kill his master, but he’s a bitch ass nigga who would rather live a lie. When in a position of authority you should identify the disgruntled members within your enemy’s ranks and secretly reward those people for being traitors to your enemies.

As long as Black people hate their enemies seeing THEM as devils, then they will also hate having Power since it is impossible to be powerful without also being demonized for it. People only call you the devil when you have POWER and they are scared to death about what you will do with that power since they are powerLESS. Your gain will usually be someone else’s loss. The universe can be a beautiful place, and all of its life forms can be safe, and cosmic order can be achieved, so long as you thrive and your opposition falters. When you are not thriving in life, then the universe is upside down. You must work on making the universe upside up by acquiring power with the highest intentions.

It is wise to multiply the losses of those who challenge your highest aspirations while rewarding your allies. A much older family member born and raised in Jamaica told me once how Jamaican gangsters would drive up in the roughest, toughest ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica in luxury sports cars, come out, and leave the doors wide open, with expensive jewelry on. No one would rob these men. They paid for the neighborhood children’s school uniforms and books, employed the men through construction contracts and gave food away to families. Although they were hardened killers they had values and ethics. They were men of their word who looked after the people they loved.

When you look out for your people out of love they have a vested interest in your success and survival. You won’t have to declare war on your enemies. Your people will declare war on them for you because they will see any attack on you, as a direct attack on them. You are assisting people in acquiring power. You are helping them to realize their potential. Only then are you a man of value.

There are haters all around. Seduce them with sound. Your soul is your soil. Uproot melodies from your ground.

The formula for Pi is 22 divided by 7. We know that 2+2=4, which denotes the four dimensions of our waking space-time reality. Space is made up of 3 dimensions: height, width, and depth which preclude the fourth dimension, which is time. You cannot perceive time without also perceiving space (height, width, and depth), hence you have the term “space-time” as seen in physics textbooks and journals.

Meditation, as it is commonly understood within the context of Eastern philosophy, is an artificial way of removing yourself from the space-time continuum so that you can bond with the unobserved observer of this reality, which happens to be the real you.   This bonding process exemplifies what it means to live in The Positive because it involves expanding into the source of higher intelligence.

When you invest your 7 chakras into the 4th dimension (22 divided by 7; 2+2=4, 4th dimension) you are actively participating in the process of creation, which is a Negation, a contraction. This is where we get the concept of the black dot in the center of the circle. The circle is the feminine principle, which in this context would be the muse which inspires us through its magnetism. The Muse moves us to thrust our pelvises forward so that we may create. 

The dot in the center of the muse’s circle is the masculine principle, the musician aroused through inspiration by the beautiful muse to make music through artistic intercourse. No words can capture the Muse’s sonic beauty. The dedicated musician aspires to capture her through his art which is audial, and cyclical. Music is non-linear.

                               The Key to Infinity

As a matter of fact, the Muse’s vagina is literally the musical scale: doe-ray-me-fa-so-la-tee-doe.  Notice the “doe” sound appears twice, at the beginning and at the end of the scale to continue the cycle, which is a circle, which is the womb which holds the Key of Life. The scale is a never ending cycle, a never ending cipher, a never ending spiral twisting and turning into infinity. Those who possess hair that spirals out of their heads were meant to master the musical scale. Those without the spiral like Abu Dawud will only condemn it through religious dogma.

Only the people from the sun can touch it. Only the people of the sun can stuff it. Only the people of the sun can fuck it ’til she cums, making her ooze with the sweetest melodies and nectarous harmonies that are spun. You can feel the bass in her bottom, the rhythm between her thighs, the ecstasy in her cries, the soul within her eyes. She is music.

Are we comfortable with being devils, or are we more concerned with being liked by people who don’t give a fuck about us anyway? If EVERYONE genuinely likes you, then it is only because you are undermining yourself so that that they can enjoy eternal life, and have it more abundantly through your willing sacrifice.

Music is a big part of the Black spiritual legacy. Culture Vultures who undermine it must be clearly identified and isolated. I highly recommend you listen to Dame Dashs interview on The Combat Jack Show in which he addresses the Culture Vultures in hip-hop naming names. 

No one should be allowed to make money off of Black music unless they are promoting it as a tool to nurture and edify the people of the planet. I would love to see all of the older, legendary Black recording artists collaborate with the young artists for a Resurrection Concert. The sole purpose of the concert would be to inspire people, to heal and reinvigorate the planet with music in the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity. 

Imagine seeing Nas and Chuck Berry performing on stage TOGETHER with original material. Picture Kanye West & Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder & Pharrell, Prince & DAngelo, Outkast with Earth Wind & Fire, Maxwell and Patti LaBelle, Sade & Beres Hammond, Snoop Dogg and Parliament Funkadelic, Jay-Z and Diana Ross.  

It wouldve been interesting to see Beyonce and Michael Jackson or Rick James and Rihanna, but since Rick and Mike have returned to the essence that will never happen down here. My friend William Cox and I were throwing ideas back and forth, and we both agree that such collaborations could unite multiple generations of music lovers and infuse new life into the music.

If you love hip-hop, R&B, rock, jazz, blues, pop, reggae, funk, or classical music, then you love Black music. You have a responsibility to help maintain the integrity of the art. Don’t let it degenerate into an opiate for buffoons and a moneymaker for modern minstrels. Music is power, and that power should never be relinquished to anyone who doesn’t come from the stars.