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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ahati Kilindi Iyi: African Martial Arts, Trans-Humanism & Mushrooms

About 10 years ago a friend of mine put me on to a VHS cassette lecture by Ahati Kilindi Iyi entitled “Accessing Melanin Through DMT.”  One of the things that a true master teacher does is challenge your personal notions about what you think you know, and Iyi does that in a way that few other teachers can.

Iyi is a world renowned martial artist and founder of the Ta-Merrian Institute. Ta-Meri is one of the ancient names for the Nile Valley civilization many of us know as Kemet. Although I am unable to substantiate any of his claims concerning the value of  entheogens through first-hand experience, I think that he has a wealth of wisdom to offer those of us who have chosen to walk the path of higher consciousness and awareness.

In addition to the lecture above, I have also included a downloadable interview featuring Iyi on Eddie Goldmans No Holds Barred internet radio podcast. During this interview, Iyi talks about the culture surrounding Senegalese wrestling, his experience with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and personal memories of world renowned martial artist, Moses Powell. To listen to the program, simply click on the link right HERE.