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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Who Are the REAL "Reptilians"? News for Nagas who Don't Know

A new Mind Glow Media reader, who told me that she is an avid reader of David Icke and other new age authors, sent me an email recently asking who the reptilians are in my opinion. I recommended that she read The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom by Mark Amaru Pinkham AFTER she read authors like Ivan Van Sertima, Runoko Rashidi, Wayne Chandler and Cheikh Anta Diop who have written about ancient Black civilizations throughout the globe.

I made the suggestion because I thought that she should have a very clear understanding of who the REAL ancient “serpents of wisdom” are. Many authors put thoughts in formation with false information which makes us ignorant of the role of the soul and its proper vocation. The so-called reptilians are not the Windsors, the Bushes, the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers. 

They are simply Black men and women, the children of Lord Enki, who possess the personal power to FULLY activate what the Tantrists of ancient India call Kundalini energy, which is the serpentine fire hidden in all men and women. The classic R&B band Earth Wind & Fire even have a song acknowledging this spiritual force called “Serpentine Fire.”

Your spiritual energy is determined by the internal power that gives you the ability to do work AND influence your immediate environment in the process. Natural charisma is just one expression of this power. Some of the men and women who have shown that they have the power to unleash the dragon include, but are not limited to, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye, George Clinton, Ol Dirty Bastard, James Brown, Teddy Pendergrass, Beyoncé, Patti LaBelle, Muhammad Ali, Jimi Hendrix, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mike Tyson and several others who are too numerous to mention here.

This power is not based on how many books you’ve read or lectures and documentaries you’ve watched. Its not even based on intellect, which is the most prized form of intelligence in non dragon cultures. What I’m talking about is the active expression of an innate primal energy that you either possess or you dont. It involves an ability to express deep emotions, and in that process, elicit them from others. This power is expressed in a multitude of ways, therefore it can’t be completely described by you reading about it on Mind Glow Media. It can only be experienced. People who possess the serpentine fire recognize it when they see or feel it in others.

According to ancient Chinese mythology, the first emperors descended from dragons. However, these dragonswere literally Black women who were the Dragon Queens of the ancient world. They had dominion over the seven seas, which were traveled by sea fairing MAUs who were Black men. Some of these cool “cats” used the cat as their royal totem before they were later identified in history as “Moors.” Another faction of Moors used the Dragon totem. The cat Mafdet cutting the head off of Apep in ancient Kemetic art represents the seemingly eternal struggle between to different factions of waring Moors.

The seven seas that the Moors traveled, may in some context, correspond to the seven chakras or energy channels through which the serpentine fire flows. Seas are comprised of water, which is an agent of communication for those who know how to navigate. There are seven orifices in the human body that enable the human being to communicate with other people as well as his or her environment. 

Even when you take a shit you are communicating with your environment based on the nature of what you give back to the earths ecology when you defecate. If you live exclusively on a diet of fast food you’re telling Mother Nature “Go fuck yourself, hoe.”

As I’ve pointed out many times in my writings, the serpentine fire is a feminine tidal wave of spiritual energy. The Moors derived their global authority over the seven seas from Dragon Queens. A great man’s throne is an even greater woman’s vagina. There are some people who don’t want to see the Dragon King sit on the throne that nature has specifically fashioned for him. They would rather see Justin Timberlake in his place posturing as a Dragon King without actually being one.

A woman of power and high stature has three thrones. One is her vagina, another is her mind, and the most prized is her heart. When a man can enthrone himself in all three of her seats of power, then he can be the ruler of his own empire with her support. This, is in part, where the concept of the triple crown of Kemet comes from. 

If a man does not have the support of wise and cooperative women in his personal undertakings he cannot be anything but a failure in life, no matter how great he may be. When the dedicated student of world mythology reads the Sumerian myth involving Marduk and the dragon Tiamat, something interesting is revealed. 

The same gods that Tiamat gave birth to are the very ones who went to war with her and cut her to pieces. Her dismembered body parts were used to form planet Earth which is now a holding cell, or a matrix, for fallen humanity. Humanitys prison cell is made up of the body parts of a once vibrant, but now lifeless, goddess. 

Naturally, this implies that if the Dragon Queen is brought back to life then the prison cell that humanity is locked in will altogether disappear. Myths have more truth in them than the most meticulously chronicled histories ever will. History is mans account of his past. Mythology is the mystery behind his souls odyssey through time and space.

Dragons are usually depicted around the world as large reptiles with dark skins. A reptile’s skin becomes ashy when it is subjected to a cold climate. When Black men and women left the warmth of Africa to travel to Eurasia their skin became ashy in the colder climates, hence you have the Naga serpents of Asia (NAGAsaki?) who are descendants of the Black Neguses of Africa. Like reptiles, Blacks are happiest and most comfortable in warm climates.

Even the 80s movie Conan the Barbarian shows you who the Dragon Kings and Queens of the world were if you were paying attention. High cheek bones and almond shaped eyes are phenotypical of the ancient Dragons (Blacks) who spat fire (oral history through poetry and spiritual knowledge) traveling out of Africa to explore the rest of the world. 

These dragons had the power and the knowledge of how to manipulate the forces of nature through their application of the life sciences, hence the dragon in Chinese mythology is synonymous with the ability to manipulate nature and use it to one’s advantage. The San people of South Africa, from whom Nelson Mandela is a descendant, is a likely source for where modern Chinese get their high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes.

As the video at the bottom of my previous blog post The African Origin of Fractal Designs and the Computer Binary Code  pointed out, there were African priests who utilized a binary code system to read sand in their practice of ritual divination. This is one of the many ancient forerunners to the modern day internet.  

The figurative dragons  ruled the planet centuries before  the Neanderthal and its descendants had dominion of the planet.  This was alluded to in G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987). The cartoon shows the true origin and unseen hand behind the villainous Cobra (villainous when seen through the eyes of the Neanderthal descendants who don’t want to give the planet back to its original rulers).

According to the Cobra emperor Golobulus, Cobra was overseen by a race of anthropomorphic (having a human body in form) reptoids who utilized a highly advanced technology that was highly reliant on nature as opposed to the plastics and metals that the descendants of the Neanderthals used. We do know that traditional Africans have relied on the technology that nature has given them as much as any group of people on the planet, if not more so. The Cobra race is actually an allusion to the ancient Black dragons across the globe.

I have included a clip of the G.I. Joe movie below for your viewing pleasure, but I recommend that you watch the entire movie. There are some nice gems in there that are worth checking out. If a follower of new age concepts ever asked you who the reptilians are, just point them in the direction of those who are distinctly different from other people because of their dark skins, wholly hair, and distinct perception of waking reality.

Naturally, some readers will point out that Golobulus is a white man, but this is just a form of cognitive dissonance employed by the cartoon’s writers. If Golobulus were portrayed as a Black man, then the story would have been too real for comfort. It may have awoken the ancestral memories of mystified reptilian boys who were fans of the cartoon. 

Think about how much different the box office sales for the movie Avatar would have been if those blue people were Black Africans or Native Americans. A lot of whites would have been turned off, and wouldnt have paid to see the movie. But if you were paying attention, the movie was really about European imperialistic attitudes towards so-called people of color over the last few hundred years.

                                       Mayan Nobles

The Quetzalcoatl mythos imparted by the Maya comes from the Bambara people in Mali and other neighboring West Africans who are the distant relatives of the Blacks who occupied ancient North, Central, and South America. The conical hat that Quetzalcoatl wears was worn by Mande priests of West Africa, and it is called a “kofila”. The preeminent African studies professor Ivan Van Sertima discusses this at length in his scholastically devastating book They Came Before Columbus. 

 West Africa and Central America are the biggest producers of the worlds chocolate...hmmm

Also if you check the European shields of heraldry with Moors on them going back to the Medieval period, you will see Black nobles with bat wings, and in some cases, dragon wings for ears. The lie that Quetzacoatl was a “pale prophet” (a white European) comes from the Franciscan friars who got their hands on the Chilam Balam (a sacred book of the Maya) and spread bullshit propaganda about a bearded white prophet.

             Moorish Shield of Heraldry from Bavaria, Germany

Quetzalcoatl was described as wearing white garments in some instances, but he definitely was not a bearded white man like Willie Nelson or Kenny Rogers as some people might want to believe. As a matter of fact there were holy days and feasts that acknowledge a Mandean deity that coincides with the feasts and holy days associated with feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl. 

Credible scholars who have done thorough research without racial bias have also reported that the Mande script of West Africa is nearly identical to those used by the Olmecs who were the cultural progenitors of the Mayans and Aztecs who promulgated the mythos behind Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkhan. 

The Olmec were also known as the “Tamoanchan.”  However the prefix “Tamo” means “bird of prey.” The ruling elite of the Akan of Ghana are the “Falcon” clan (TamoAkan?). Falcons are of course birds of prey. The suffix “Chan” means “Serpent.” According to Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, the name “Tamoanchan” means “The place where the serpent people landed.”  Yet given the irrefutable cultural link between Mesoamerica and West Africa, who would you say that these serpent people  were?