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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Genesis of Omega: The Beginning of the End for Greek Speculations on Ancient Black Science (Pt.2 of 2)

After a long, intense, day dealing with all kinds of people taking a simple bath or shower can literally transform you, even though that transformation may only be for a few hours. That’s because it is what European occultists call low magic. 

If you take showers with exotic soaps and herbs with beautiful aromas that ease your mind and make you feel clean externally and internally, then you are practicing SCIENCE, ART and PSYCHOLOGY.

If a woman knows that she is currently in a loving and healthy relationship—but still struggles with trusting her mate based on past disappointments with other men—then she might want to consider allowing her current boyfriend or husband to bathe her.

I say this because allowing someone to bathe you puts you in a space where you must trust them with your body, which is your personal temple. People share this level of trust when they have sex, but unlike sex, the bath offers a cleansing component, because the scrubbing and washing symbolizes your mate scrubbing and washing away your old fears and inhibitions so that you can fully embrace the relationship that you are in today.

In the occult literary world, you’ll have a modern man who is a follower of ancient high culture. He might adopt an ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) name, greet everyone by saying “Hotep” (which is more of a goodbye, than it is a hello, but don’t tell this self-inflated guru that), and constantly talk about returning to the old ways.

On the other end of the spectrum you’ll have an ancient man who uses modern popular culture as a vehicle to teach the underlying psychology beneath ancient high cultures. This man uses the name his mother gave him and his style of dress is consistent with the times in which he lives.

Even if he calls himself a Moor, he probably doesn’t dress like a Moor living in 13th century Venice or Senegal.  He unites the past, present, and future. He’s the holy trinity of a forgotten infinity, a triangle traversing through the stars, dancing through quasars, weaving through layzars, sealing wounds and healing scars.

There’s a marked difference between the two men. One is a hopeless romantic who might cultivate a large following if he is charismatic, but he won’t inspire his followers enough to make them want to transmute the lead of their human experience into solid gold. This is partly because this man is not being himself. He’s being what he THINKS a guru is supposed to look and sound like. His assumptions are solely based on books that he has read and documentaries he has watched. 

He does not incorporate his core personality into what he does so everything he says and does on his journey as an aspiring soul scientist is generic and redundant. Men dont have to sound like emasculated air-heads when they talk in order to be spiritual.  Women dont necessarily have to be 45-year-old virgins with afros bigger than Angela Davis either. All you have to be is an evolving version of the person that you have ALWAYS been at your core.

A true descendant of the Stellar Man is a catalyst for the evolution of human understanding. He subtly plants seeds in people’s minds that will slowly transform them over time. He understands that writing isn’t just a means of conveying thoughts and ideas, but a form of genetic engineering.

Yes, I said genetic engineering. A person can literally modify your DNA through their artful use of words and you won’t even know they’re doing it while you’re reading their work. Scientific research has recently confirmed the impact that words have on human DNA. 

Author  Gersham  G. Scholem makes a subtle allusion to this idea in his book The Kabbalah and its Symbolism. I say that it is a subtle allusion because he does not specifically talk about DNA, but if you read the second chapter of his book with some foreknowledge of genetics, then you will come to some interesting conclusions concerning DNA on your own. I do not think it’s a coincidence that there are 22 amino acids and 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Amino acids are the building blocks of life and letters form words, which are the building blocks of your reality.

There is a direct correlation between the sequencing of letters to form words and the sequencing of nucleic acids to form DNA. This is because the alphabet that forms the language of a people is the linguistic expression of their DNA. This was a well-guarded secret within the Kemetic priesthood of TeHUti. For more insight, you may want to research what the word “HU” meant in ancient Kemet.


 It’s kind of funny how in 2013 you still hear some people making references to “grafted devils” without realizing that they themselves are grafted. I’ll explain what I mean by this, but first, we have to have a scientific understanding of what grafting is. Grafting is a process in which the genetics of one organism is transferred and incorporated into the genetics of another. When you eat food, or rub lotions into your body, you are literally grafting plants and/or animals into your physiological makeup. There is a lot of truth in the saying “you are what you eat.”

However, the stellar Black men and women who came to planet Earth did not eat food like you and I do for nourishment. They got all of the nutritional nourishment they needed from the light that emanated from the celestial bodies in outer space.

They started eating plants because the plants are a part of Earth’s natural ecology. Therefore by eating the earth’s plants they were able to sync their minds up with the mind of the planet so that they could live in perfect harmony with it. Conceptually, this isn’t much different from how a person will sync their smart phone up with their computer, so that the two will share the same multimedia content. 

Fruits and vegetables, especially those with high alkalinity, are excellent repositories of planetary intelligence.  When the first Illuminists, who were the direct descendants of the gods, walked the earth they saw pumpkins and joked among themselves that if their heads were as big as the pumpkins then they would boost their intelligence exponentially. As part of a scientific experiment they started eating pumpkin seeds which have a substantial electrical charge that is healthy for your brain.

Elijah Muhammad, who is one of the great minds of the 20th century, did a great service by introducing Black people in America to scientific concepts, most specifically, genetic engineering. But his teachings do not show us the full extent of the grafting program. He gave us a little bit of knowledge on that. We are supposed to build on what he taught us by digging for more. No one man will lead you to all of the knowledge of this planet, much less the entire universe. 

The consumption of meat came later and it was originally done for astrological purposes. To give you  an oversimplified example of what I mean, lets look at a prevailing opinion that a lot of people have about Jamaicans. I’ve talked to American Blacks as well as people from other islands in the Caribbean, and more than a few of them say that Jamaicans are very aggressive in business, and try to takeover any organization, movement, or institution they join. As someone of Jamaican descent, I find this to be a gross exaggeration, but in most stereotypes there is some element of truth.

Interestingly enough, a very popular dish among Jamaicans is curry goat. The goat is the zoomorphic symbol for Capricorn. It has been said that people born under the sign of Capricorn can be very aggressive in business. They have a natural desire to climb the social ladder and exhibit a tenacious spirit in their efforts to do that. If you’ve ever been to Jamaica, you’ll notice that the people—especially those who live in the rural areas—have a very penetrating stare as if they can literally see through you. Goats have a strong look of intent in their eyes too. 

Now, I’m not saying that the perception that many people have of Jamaicans can be attributed to any insistence on the part of Jamaican people to graft what I will call the “Baphomet Gene” into themselves, but it does give you an example—and I admit, it’s an over-simplified one—of how grafting has been practiced by people for astrological purposes.

As the descendants of the Stellar Men and Women became more in sync with the mind of the planet—which was originally a foreign intelligence—they began to enjoy the taste, the flavor, of plants, herbs and spices mixed with animal flesh. There were other things that came into play with regard to the grafting program of the so-called fallen angels. Perhaps, at some future time, I will go further into detail on this topic than I already have in other posts on this site. 

The Black people of the ancient world did not consider themselves magicians. They knew what they were doing and they had a precise methodology for doing whatever they did. A science is just that. It is a precise methodology for accomplishing what you want based on a careful observation of nature. Our ancestors were able to accomplish what they wanted because they were artists, scientists, and psychologists who observed nature.

When my mom cooked dinners for the family when I was young, I would watch the level of decisiveness and skill she displayed while she was cooking. She knew what seasonings and vegetables to use for a particular dish, and which ones she should not use. Even though I would watch her cook, I NEVER understood how the food came out as good as it did. All that I knew was that before the food went into the hot pots, I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. However when it came out of those pots, it tasted amazing, and I couldn’t get enough of it! I was literally mystified by my mothers culinary skills.

Like the ancient African adept, my mom approached cooking with the mind of a scientist and a technician. But like an ancient Greek who didn’t quite understand what he was seeing in front of him, I looked at what she cooked as the product of some kind of magic or sorcery. True, I enjoyed some good meals, but I was ignorant about how to make those meals for myself. 

The more that I adopted the mental approach of a scientist, the better I’ve become at actually reduplicating some of those dishes for myself and others. I’m not telling you what I read in a book, saw in a lecture, or heard in an internet podcast. I’m telling you what I’ve learned through firsthand experience and careful observation, so your going to have a hard time convincing me otherwise.

Unless someone shows you that they have an aptitude in one, or all, of the fields of art, science, and psychology ignore anything that they have to tell you about “magic” or “metaphysics.” No matter how DEEP they might sound, they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. Intuitively you’ll suspect that they don’t know what they’re talking about because what they’re telling you sounds unnecessarily complicated, and doesn’t make any kind of sense.

For instance, they might say something profoundly meaningless that sounds heavy like this: “Ricochet Rabbit was created by Satanic Freemasons to show how light traveling rapidly from the sun at 299,792,458 meters per second ricochets off the moon at a proportionately accelerated speed, which is analogous to that of Kundalini rising in a Tranny getting fucked in the fanny by seven Zionist Nazis in Goldstein’s Gym while sucking dicks and turning ‘Trix’ on the seventh day of Hanukka.”

That was deep, right? I just made that bullshit up off the top of my head, but I think you’ve heard this kind of meaningless confusion before. A person can read all the books, watch all of the lectures, and listen to all of the internet podcasts that they want about magic, but if they don’t have a powerful imagination that is grounded in common sense and logic then they don’t have real occult power. Therefore you have to ask yourself: “what does this person really know about ‘magic’ outside of what they’ve read? Do they express ‘magical’ thought patterns by imaginatively communicating with their audience? Are they creative enough to take the rudiments of an idea and make that idea their own?”

Imagination is what separates the exceptional scientist from the consummate technician. Yet it is a functional understanding of art, science and psychology that distinguishes a true adept from someone who is trying to impersonate one. Know the difference, because knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe!!!