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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Genesis of Omega: The Beginning of the End for Greek Speculations on Ancient Black Science (Pt.1 of 2)

Metaphysics and Magic. The two terms have become synonymous with the spiritual systems of ancient people across the globe. However, for some time, I have felt the need to address the fact that both of these terms are actually misnomers for ancient African art, science, and psychology which have touched every part of the globe, including the so-called “Near East,” Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

I have heard men and women who are genuinely well-versed in the practical application of ancient arts that have been cultivated over the centuries by Stellar Men and Women, say that they are proficient in “magic” and are authorities on “metaphysics.” Albeit, it may not be their actual intent, they sometimes speak condescendingly about those who have labored to focus on the more historical aspects of our ancient cultures, while arrogantly flaunting their perceived knowledge of “magic” and “metaphysics.”

However, if they were to take a more holistic approach to their studies, by actually bothering to study some more history, they would realize that that when they use terms like “metaphysics,” and “magic,” they are talking about the spiritual disciplines of ancient Black men and women from a white, European’s point of view. Like many students of the soul sciences, I frequently used terms like “magic,” and “metaphysics” in my older writings. Nevertheless, I am constantly fine-tuning my understanding of what I have learned and experienced with regard to Black art, science, and psychology.

This is precisely why I would like to inspire people to constantly question what they think they know which is what I continue to do for myself. Even after 15 years of intense study, and an entire lifetime of direct exposure to Higher Culture, I still think that a perpetual reassessment of what you think you know keeps you humble and mentally receptive to deeper levels of realization. Unfortunately, you have a growing number of people who came into higher awareness through YouTube, BlogTalk Radio and Wikipedia, yet they have the nerve to pretend as if they are inherently superior to people who have not been exposed to the culture of the stellar man, as they have.

                  Kitty litter for kittens in consciousness

There is a pervasive spirit of arrogance and elitism that is stinking up the underground occult community today and much of the stench is coming from brand new students who’ve appointed themselves as teachers without taking the time to REALLY study the subjects they speak on. I was recently talking to someone in a bookstore who was telling me all of these things they knew about magic and metaphysics. I allowed them to lecture me on things that I already knew because I recognized that they needed it for their own self-esteem.

I asked the person how long they had been studying. They said “I’ve been into this a while.” I asked them “How long is a while?” They said two years. This person was clearly a kitten in consciousness, but in their own mind they were a jaguar. They proceeded to tell me about their YouTube channel that I can “learn more from.” This person never asked me how long I’d been studying, or what I thought about the subjects they lectured me on. I didn’t feel the need to tell them, either.

Humility is a prerequisite for attaining a higher understanding of the life sciences. The words that we use on a daily basis serve to codify our reality. As we obtain higher knowledge, we will see the value in abandoning words that do not accurately describe the methodologies and disciplines that make up the ancient life sciences that we are striving to understand.


The word “Metaphysics” for example—as it is most frequently used—is actually a misnomer for Supreme Psychology, which is the psychology of God. The prefix “Meta” means “beyond” while “physics” is the scientific study of the inherent nature of matter. However, everything is an expression of matter. Therefore there is nothing that exists “beyond” matter. What we call energy (spirit) is actually a more subtle form of matter.

The students of Aristotle, as well as other Greeks—who promoted the use of the word “metaphysics” in the fourth century B.C.E.—had no knowledge of quantum physics, which explains why the Greek “scientist” Democritus said that the atom is a particle that cannot be broken down into simpler forms. After Western man finally learned about nuclear physics—and thereby became more aware of the existence of subatomic particles in the 20th century—he finally realized the absurdity in Democritus’ statement.  

Aristotle used to say that the universe was literally comprised of four elements—earth, air, water and fire. However, students of modern science know that there are at least 118 elements on planet Earth alone. The fact of the matter is that what we call physical reality has multiple layers of expression. This means that everything is physical, expressing itself within varying degrees of density.

When many of us use the word “metaphysics” we are actually trying to find a word for the psychology behind the engineering of our present reality. Since the word “Meta” may also mean “After,” in some contexts, it is said that one should study METAphysics AFTER they study conventional physics. However conventional physics, as it is taught today, is a failed attempt to take a holistic approach to real physics, which has ALWAYS had a spiritual component when it was properly understood. Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newtown give us just a few examples of internationally renowned Western physicists with a strong interest in, and appreciation for, spirituality.

It is my opinion that if we are to use a word that more accurately encapsulates the ideas that have been attributed to the school of thought conventionally known as metaphysics, in a way that is accessible to an English speaking person, then the word “Theo-psychology” would be a better fit. I say this because what the person who calls themselves a metaphysician is essentially teaching us is the psychology that drives and motivates the higher intelligence that we call God.

An individual learns this psychology by carefully observing nature in relation to themselves. This is why the simple adage “Man know thyself” holds so much meaning for the adept. Theo-psychology is often defined as “the psychology of religion,” but it is actually the psychology of God, because the prefix “Theo” doesn’t mean “religion,” it means “God.” However, in my continuous and ongoing effort to divorce myself from Greek terms and concepts, I will use the term “Supreme Psychology,” as a label for the Psychology of God. Eventually, I will create my own words and terms.

                          Traditional Pharmacologist

One day this past winter I walked by a large, but seemingly lifeless tree in Manhattan. It was devoid of any signs of vitality. If the tree were a person, I would say that it was a broken and defeated man or woman without an ounce of hope left in it. Now, it’s a new season, and the weather is a lot warmer. A few days ago I saw the same tree and it was bursting with green foliage. Birds were perched on its branches as leaves blew in the Spring breeze that literally seemed to rejoice in the tree’s annual rebirth. You and I are just like this tree in the sense that we internalize and process light frequencies similar to how plants do through photosynthesis. Like trees, we do this with varying levels of intensity over the course of the calendar year.

If trees go through a continuous cycle of death and rebirth, then it would be fairly reasonable to conclude that man goes through the same cycle, both as an individual and as part of a larger race of people. When you see someone who is down on their luck, or when you see a race of people who are oppressed at every turn, you may actually be looking at an individual or group in the harsh winter season of their existence. Fortunately, the more brutal a winter is, the more beautiful the subsequent Spring and Summer will appear.

However, one would have to adopt the mindset of a supreme psychologist to even recognize the correlation between the life of a man and the life of a tree. Although I could be wrong, I do not see where Aristotle—whose work bears the earliest known reference to metaphysics—ever displayed a formal comprehension of the Supreme Psychology that I have just given you an example of. His philosophical observations are extremely abstract, almost to the point of being petty and irrelevant.

The word “Magic” comes from the Greek word “Magike.” However, among the ancient Greeks “Magike,” was the work of a “Magus,” but a magus was simply someone who had extraordinary talent and knowledge of their craft.  A holistic biologist, chemist, or physicist from ancient Nubia who was able to apply their knowledge in a practical way would have been called a “magician,” by the ancient Greeks.

However, the fact of the matter, is that these Africans were really just men and women who had an extraordinarily holistic understanding of art, science, and psychology.  You can confirm the fact that the Greeks needlessly mystified African art and science for yourself just by studying the etymology of certain Greek words that have made their way into the English lexicon. 

For example the ancient Greek word for witchcraft and sorcery was “Pharmakeia.” From the word “Pharmakeia,” you get the English word “Pharmacology.” A person who practices pharmacology is called a pharmacist, but a pharmacist is a chemist and a chemist is a scientist. Can you now see how Black science was mystified by ancient Europeans who did not understand it, and therefore called it witchcraft, sorcery, and “Magic”?  

Chemistry, or Kem Ast Re, is the arcane science that allows the Black (Kem) man to enthrone himself as the caretaker of nature (Ast/Auset) which is a synthesis of all of the elements in the periodic table. However, these elements that make up the periodic table are themselves alternate expressions of the hydrogen atom (Atum Re). All natural elements are variations on the hydrogen atom which is also known as Ra, or Re.

                                The Mother of Science

Within its most esoteric context, science is a systematic study of the feminine principle. The world’s earliest scientists were Black women who were trying to understand the fundamental aspect of themselves. They gave this knowledge to Black men who comprised the ORIGINAL Illuminati.  The Illuminati traveled the globe building civilizations that were reflections of this knowledge. The entire world is indebted to this ancient stellar society with secrets.

When we call the wise men and women of ancient Africa, Sumer, Harrapa and the Americas “magicians,” we are looking at ancient Black artists, psychologists, and scientists through the eyes of Greeks who were, for the most part, ignorant of these disciplines and therefore mystified them as a result of their own ignorance. The Greek philosopher, Socrates, was a progressive thinker who was put to death by his own people for talking about African science which was completely alien to the whites of the Mediterranean.

Even now, when European authors write about what they call “ceremonial magic” you will notice that they often go out of their way to overly mystify ancient rituals, as if the people who originally introduced them were not engaged in activities that could be rationally explained. Some say that magic is COMPLETELY beyond the understanding of the rational mind. That's not exactly true.

                     Ancient Illuminati Soul Scientist

It has to make logical sense in order for it to be practical and effective in the real world that we live in. I guarantee you that if you study any “magical” ritual THAT ACTUALLY WORKS you will find that there is something about it that is scientific and makes logical sense. The problem is that the Stellar Men and Women who introduced them are not given the credit that they deserve for being great scientists.

In their short-sightedness, which is often motivated by a lust for money, some teachers fail to realize that your personal empowerment is their own immortality. A man who constructs palaces for himself in the hearts and minds of people will live forever. People will tell their children about his altruism and good deeds, and when those children become adults, they will continue the cycle of reverence with their own children.

Gods and goddesses are not born. They are created by people who pass down stories of great men and women over the course of generations. You, the reader, can become a god and or a goddess if you do your best with the cards that you’re dealt in life by having integrity and exercising patience.

 If you insist on using the term “magic,”—even if it is only for creative/aesthetic purposes—it would be far more intelligent to demonstrate to your students that some of the simple things that they take for granted in their everyday lives are magical rituals when they are examined within the context of how magic is conventionally defined today.

When someone says to you “I practice magic,” what they are essentially saying is that they engage in a set of rituals specifically designed to facilitate the transformation of their consciousness for the fulfillment of a desired goal. The permanence of that transformation is what separates “high magic” from “low magic,” but what I cannot stress to you enough is that there is nothing magical that exists outside of the periphery of art, science, and psychology. This is because the only real magic that has ever existed in the history of planet Earth is the practical application of art, science, and psychology.

                                      Traditional Scientist

                                   Modern Scientist

                                      Future Scientist

Science encompasses all three of these disciplines, which is why Black people who have a deep interest in the occult should look at what their ancestors practiced as a science, instead of looking at it as magic. If they look at it as science they will invest more time and energy into the serious study and practice of modern science, which is the only thing that will imbue them with the occult power and higher intelligence that they would like to reclaim from the ancient tombs of dead masters.

In books on magic that I’ve read, I’ve seen occultists write about “spiritual baths,” which is an oxymoron when you think about it, because when isn’t a bath a spiritual experience? My initial answer to this question would be when you’re bathing in your own blood after having a few rounds of bullets pumped into your body. Nevertheless, that might even be a spiritual experience if it changes your perspective on life and you live to reflect on it. This reflection inevitably brings about an understanding. That’s right, an understanding, not an “overstanding.”

The word “Overstand” is a cute innovation within the English language. However, it is better to “Understand” something than it is to Overstand it. When you OVERstand a thing you are just dealing with its top layer, its shallow outer surface. To Understand it is to touch its vital essence, its root, which extends deep underground. The underground is right where I stand as I perform this ancient rite I wRITE.

The underground is also the underworld, which is the royal abode of Ausar, who is the personification of kingly wisdom and supreme masculine intelligence. Therefore to “Understand” is to figuratively STAND in truth with Ausar in the UNDERworld, which is really your own inner world. Do you understand what I am trying to say to you?