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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Eye On The Throne: A Brief Introduction to Solar Psychology (Pt. 1 of 2)

Your brain is like a cumulus cloud that accumulates water from natural waterways, which are in-and-of-themselves, emotional channels for higher intelligence. These stormy thoughts rain upon the dry pavements of human perception once you reach the critical point of Relative Humidity. My personal forecast for today is decisively cloudy with guaranteed showers. Leave your umbrellas at home, because somehow I have a feeling that you just might learn something.

In densely populated cities, the clouds in the sky appear to be much farther away from you than they do in quiet, rural areas. This is because the thought and chemical pollution in the cities keep you divorced from your own thoughts which are housed in the cumulus cloud that you call your brain. Heaven begins in your mind. Hell is a clouded brain saddled with muffled thoughts. On the other hand, a brain saddled with light is a satellite, a seat upon which higher intelligence may enthrone itself as king, reigning on the behalf of terrestrial matter, which is a mirror reflection of the feminine principal.

The matrilineal succession of kingship among ancient people is primarily rooted in their efforts to accurately emulate nature. I say this because every time a male child is born, he is LITERALLY crowned by the vaginal orifice of his mother because he comes out of her womb head first. Every male child is born a king. He only makes himself a pauper through his destructive deeds and actions after birth. The ritualistic crowning of a king that we see in movies and documentaries is essentially the dramatization of man’s rebirth as the natural caretaker of his people. He emerges from the cultural womb of the society in which he was born and raised to become the custodian of its most treasured traditions.

                                Ashanti Crown

The ritual that formerly acknowledges this rebirth is known as a coronation. However, the word “CORONAtion” comes from the word “CORONA,” which before becoming a bottle of beer, was more widely known as the outer layer of our sun, from which solar rays emanate bearing blessings and curses. Many crowns, with their pointed spokes, are designed to replicate the image of our sun’s corona. Some may see a king as the intermediary between God and his “chosen people.” However, there is no such thing as “God’s chosen people.” There are only men and women who choose God. They do this by opening their hearts and minds to become thrones for God’s presence.

A King’s crown is often made of gold. However gold is actually sunlight that has impregnated the earth before enduring millions of years of gestation through geographic pressure to become a prized and precious metal. A metallurgist may tell you that gold is a transition metal, but what has the gold made the transition from? It has made the transition from pure sunlight into a metal. When the Ashanti people of Ghana say that the Golden Stool, which is the first Asantehene’s (Ashanti King’s) throne, descended from heaven they are scientifically correct.

                        The Golden Stool of Ghana

All matter, including gold, has hydrogen as its elemental base. Our sun in the heavens is a huge ball of hydrogen.Gold is pressurized sunlight, therefore we have no choice but to look to the heavens if we would like to find the true source of gold. Conceptually speaking, the world’s first kings who wore crowns made of gold were seen as gods on earth. However, before they could even assume their thrones, their hearts and minds had to become thrones for God. This is where we derive the concept known as the “Divine Right of Kings,” which has some of its earliest scriptural references in the ancient Kemetic Book of Coming Forth From Night By Day. The secret relationship between gold, God, and kingship is very significant when we consider that scriptures across the globe often tell us that God is light. 

If we follow this line of thought to its inevitable end, then we can conclude that “Go(L)d” is God’s (L)ower vibration because when you put the letter “L” in “God” then God turns to “Gold.” This is a complete inversion of the alchemical process. Electromagnetic thoughts of divinity flow through the neurons in my head. The images generated are lighter than a feather, yet they’re heavier than lead.

   Akan goldweights from the 19th Century (1800s)

The more that matter condenses, the lower it falls in its atomic vibration, hence celestial lights turn to metals. Moonlight turns to silver. Sunlight becomes gold. The Stellar Man becomes a nigger when he refuses to erect a throne of his own. Like the aforementioned metals—which are well noted for their high levels of electric conductivity—the nigger, even his fallen state, possesses a powerful energy current.

This is clearly evidenced by the fact that he is often used as a battery by the multi-billion dollar Prison Industrial Complex. The “Penal” system is actually a “Penile” system in which masculine energy is accessed, amplified and harnessed through the unbearable subhuman conditions that perpetuates the system’s existence. All commercial prisons in the United States are human power plants that run on a powerful nigger current.  

Some anthropologists say that African kings wear massive gold chains as brash physical displays of their material wealth and power. While this may be true, their original intent was to offset the weak vibration emanating from the iron in their blood by covering their bodies in gold which has a higher level of electric conductivity than iron does. The gold jewelry enabled the kings to raise the vibration of their inner light bodies so that they could rule effectively and hold on to their crowns for as long as they had the potential to do so.

             Akan Chief with traditional headdress

Gold and silver rope chains are ancient African WiFi receivers. The man who wears them can become a walking “hot spot” IF he is already locked into divine intelligence. The circumference of a king’s crown is emblematic of the vaginal portal through which he entered the physical world. The spikes emanating from his crown can also be seen as a majestic depiction of his mother’s pubic hairs. A Magic City stripper might fit an entire bottle of Corona in her vagina without realizing that its outer portion has the same properties as the sun in the sky. What do I mean by this? Well according to some spiritual traditions, our sun is a doorway to alternative realities.

 The West African god Alegba is the guardian of the crossroads, which is where the subjective and objective worlds intersect. He is also a solar deity. One of his zoomorphic images is the lion. According to The Voudon Gnostic Workbook by Michael Bertiaux, the celestial city of Ife is inside of our sun, where there is a beautiful white temple guarded by two lion statues at its entrance. 

The lion is a symbol of strength and kingship, but it also represents the intergalactic portal that serves as a light vector for higher intelligence. This is one of the reasons why Barack Obama, who is a Leo (Lion), will serve a second term as president. He is a walking, talking portal through which new political agendas can be implemented on behalf of the international bankers. Even his last name begins with the letter “O” which, conceptually speaking, is a gateway like our sun.

Letters aren’t just written characters that provide us with a convenient means of communication. They are psychological markers, mental valences that carry within their inherent structures enormous power that cannot even be fully released through the spoken languages that make use of them. Tonal languages like old Hebrew or Twi—which both consist of 22 letters—make extraordinary use of consonants in their alphabets because consonants have a higher valency than vowels and therefore harness more hydrogen in the brains of the people who consume them through the written words that they eat, I mean read, on a page.

All holy scriptures that have a propensity to enLIGHTen and inspire are the linguistic equivalent of healthy and nutritious meals that have been cooked by the sun. It is no coincidence that many Hebrew letters resemble flickering flames, because wherever there is fire there is light and light was the archetypal man’s first food. Today, men and women can obtain the same nutrition and sustenance from delectably written words of wisdom that plants get from the sun.

This is why in Tantric thought man is referred to as “Saptaparna” which means “Man Plant.” The ancient people of the Indus Valley recognized that they had the ability to consume sun light just as green plants do through photosynthesis. Again, hydrogen is what our sun is made of, and all tonal languages are products of a solar psychology.