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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Ancient Egyptians were Black...Now What?

I was skimming through my Facebook newsfeed the other day and saw a post making a case for the ancient Kemau (Egyptians) being Black. These posts are very informative for people visiting your page who never took the time to study ancient history and anthropology. It’s great information that has the power to encourage and enlighten curious minds.

However, when you are a person under 50 who has studied ancient Kemetic history and culture independently for several years and the BEST that you can do is make a case for their RACIAL identity then you start to look tired and pathetic. Your actions betray the fact that you are actually trying to convince yourself that you are great based on your genetic relationship to an advanced group of men and women who lived thousands of years ago.

This is unfortunate, because it seems to suggest that Black people are not making significant cultural advancements in the present, and must therefore rely solely on the distant past for examples of greatness. In this particular post, I am not so much interested in making a case for whether we are making such progress or not. I am more concerned with the penchant that some of us have for elevating the importance of the Kemau’s racial identity above their actual achievements.


When you see a once popular recording artist that few people listen to anymore in a documentary talking about his chart-topping number one hits, and headlining jam-packed stadium  concerts, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? You might think “Wow, they had the world in the palm of their hands, but they’re washed up now. He may not have any major hits in the near future, but he sure left me with some great musical memories. I appreciate what he HAD to offer.”  We may not think of the artist in those exact words, but our sentiments are not far off. 

Although it may sound harsh, people generally see these fallen stars as dead men talking. They’re walking museums. Animated history lessons who are not discussing any NEW projects. They’re ONLY reminiscing about the great work that they did in the PAST. But only dead men live exclusively in the past. Why are so many Black cultural zealots living EXCLUSIVELY in the past? The ancient Kemetic architect, physician, medicine man and priest Imhotep was a scientific genius, but no one is talking about his CURRENT breakthroughs in the aforementioned fields of study because he has been dead for nearly 4,000 years.

Black people are supposed to be using his legacy as inspiration to make scientific breakthroughs in the present and future. We shouldn’t be sitting around just gloating over his accomplishments if we do not intend on building on them in some way. Some readers may argue that the Great Awakening is coming therefore we don’t have to do anything but sit back and kick our feet up. After all, we will be leaving this illusionary world behind as soon as our sun aligns with the galactic center and we ascend to the 5th dimension.  

While I myself have stated that many of us are moving towards a Great Awakening, I also understand that I have to roll up my sleeves and work so that I can speed up the process involved in me ushering in my True World Order.  The second law of thermodynamics states that all structures carry within their natural makeup the seeds of their own destruction, and will breakdown naturally if no energy is invested in maintaining them. When you remove your attention, your participation, your personal energy away from the current societal structure then it will collapse and fold in on itself as a result of your lack of participation in it.

On the flipside of that, I must invest mental currency in my future in order for me to construct the reality that I want for myself. I must visualize my True World Order in my private moments and work towards manifesting it in the temporal world by using whatever skills and resources that I have to the best of my ability. 

By passionately engaging myself in worthy pursuits that help me to grow as a man and evolve, I am not only raising my own energy vibration but contributing towards raising the energy index of the entire planet. Raising the quality of your own individual thoughts will lead to deeds and actions that reflect the mind of one who is evolving into higher levels consciousness. The best way for you to shape a better world is to mold a more beautiful you.

Although I know that we are our ancestors returned, to avoid a sense of complacency, it would be intelligent for progressive Black people to adopt the mindset that Imhotep’s accomplishments are his, and NOT our own. The ancient Kemetic scribe Ani may have been a noted writer in his time—and then again, maybe he wasn’t. Maybe his version of the Book of Coming Forth from Night by Day was just the best one to survive the beating inflicted on it by time. Either way, what is Ani writing now? Several men and women have held his pen and there are more of them to come.

I’m not trying to be disrespectful in any way. I just think that it’s unfortunate that the Kemau had so much to offer the world in the way of art, science, mathematics, psychology, theology and literature, yet their contributions are not critically examined because some students would rather engage in dialogues that are exclusively about their racial identity.  Racial identity should always be a PART of the dialogue concerning the ancient Kemau so that we can combat the racist Eurocentric Egyptology that afflicts academia to this very day. More importantly, it gives Black people another reference for present and future greatness. Nevertheless, racial identity should not be the ONLY subject of dialogue concerning the ancient Kemau. Not in 2013.

If you have to completely exhaust yourself in an effort to prove to someone that the founders of ancient Kemetic civilization were Black then the person that you are talking to is either in denial or lacks basic intelligence, which either way, makes your effort a waste of valuable time. I say this only because there is no way that a person can examine ancient Kemetic language and tradition—in relation to those of Sub Saharan Africa—or observe paintings and statues from Kemet’s Old Kingdom and NOT conclude that the civilization’s founders were Black.

                Mentuhotep II courtesy of Mind Glow Media

The 11th Dynastys Nisut Bity (Pharaoh) Mentuhotep II (2061 – 2010 B.C.E.) looks like any Black man you will see walking the streets of Accra, Ghana or Brooklyn, New York today. Although many Western historians and anthropologists assume that Mentuhotep II was a Nubian because of his stereotypical  Africoid facial features, there is no documentation that specifically identifies him as a Nubian as is the case with the 25th dynasty Nisuts. Given the fact Mentuhotep II  was a Kemetic ruler I think that it is not only plausible, but probable, that he was a native of Kemet as well.

In December of 2011, DNA Tribes, a global genealogy organization, conducted a genetic study of the Amarna Dynasty that Nisut Bitys AkhenAton and TutAnkhAton (the latter was more formally known as “Tutankhamen” after Amen priests forced him to change his name after his dad Akhenaton was driven from power) belonged to. The study indicated that the two Kemetic rulers shared the most genetics in common with modern day West Africans, East Africans in the Great Lakes region, and South Africans. Interestingly, the San people of South Africa are known for their almond shaped eyes, which appear to be a common phenotype among ancient Kemetic people.

The DNA Tribes study indicated that out of the three African groups named above, the Amarna Dynasty shared the most commonalities with today’s South Africans. Over the last seven thousand years there have been NUMEROUS mass migrations of Africans throughout the African continent, so anyone who elevates one group of Africans above another based on region is just blowing hot air and doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The bloodlines are all mixed up. This is not my opinion based on emotions, but an actual fact. Although I cannot account for the scientific credibility of DNA Tribes, I think that its study is nevertheless worthy of note.

Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Ben, Cheikh Anta Diop, John Henrike Clarke and many others have laid down so much groundbreaking research concerning the Black racial identity of the founders of ancient Kemet. We need to continue where those brilliant scholars left off by incorporating the cultural values and meta-psychology of the ancient Kemau at their best into our everyday lives so that we can experience our full potential as Stellar Men and Women having an earthbound experience.

 We should be dreaming about crossing densities, interspace travel through our light bodies, exploring new dimensions, building universes with our minds and having toe-curling sex mentally by looking our lovers in their eyes. The five percenters say that “the Black man is God,” yet some live their entire lives angry with the white man. But isn’t it a contradiction to be angry with someone that you say lacks the empathy and overall moral capacity to live up to your own standards of personal conduct?

If you are a god, and the white man is not, then shouldn’t you be more forgiving of his past transgressions? I didn’t say forgetful, I said forgiving. There’s a difference. These crybabies should wear T-shirts that read “God Forgives, I Don’t,” because they’re not gods if they are not able to move on with their evolution.  They’re mere mortals. This can be easily proven by the legacy of unfulfilled dreams and empty promises that they leave behind once their carcasses are buried in the ground. Truth be told, the white man did not initiate the decline of classical Black civilizations as some would have you believe.

When our race started to go into decline SEVERAL thousands of years ago, there were no white, yellow, brown, or red men on the planet. There were only Black men, women and children and the entire planet belonged to us. The Black race fell out of favor because the Black man became weak, a bitch to his own vices. He started to identify exclusively with his human experience and the sensual pleasures (i.e. great food, sex for its own sake, mind altering botanicals)  that came with it, so much so, that he forgot that he was a Stellar Man who isn’t even from planet Earth.

True, he maintained the ancient myths concerning his extraterrestrial origin which were handed down to him from generation to generation. However, he stopped identifying with them on a PERSONAL level.  They just became nice stories, something to tell your children before a crackling bonfire underneath the night sky. The historical significance behind the mythological demise of the god man Ausar (Osiris) has not been fully understood. 


Ausar was not dismembered by anyone but himself. However when we speak of his dismemberment, we are not talking about his physical body being sliced and diced into 14 pieces. No, no, no, no, no. We are talking about the fragmentation of his own self-image as a higher order of being. Once a man’s self-image has been shattered or disMEMBERed he will not reMEMBER who he is unless someone reminds him.

Ausar caved in to his physical appetites when it was against his best judgment to do so. Set, the god of anarchy and chaos, is simply the embodiment of Ausar's own internal chaos and strife. The 72 conspirators who worked with Set in Ausar's demise represent the percentage of water that the average human body is comprised of. The U.S. Department of Energy has confirmed what the Kemetic scribes who wrote the Ausar mythology already knew, which is that we are comprised of 72 percent water. Like water, human emotions move in waves. 

By acting on blind emotion instead of reason, Ausar fell from grace and lost the throne which gave him dominion over the planet and its inherent forces of nature. This inanimate throne that I speak of is embodied by the personage of the goddess Au-Set (Isis). When Ausar masters himself then Set becomes Au Set. Your greatest adversary is patiently waiting on you to make them your throne. You may be asking yourself why Ausar was even deified after his downfall in light of what you are reading, here. But the answer to your question is very simple. People love you more when you're dead than they do when you're alive. 

The Black man can watch the throne, but he will not have the luxury of sitting on it until he conquers his lower self, which has been characterized through Kemetic mythology as the god Set.  But in order for him to even succeed in his conquest, the Black man must see himself as a NEW man with a clean slate and a new lease on life (Heru). This Heru man must cut any and everyone out of his personal life who does not support or encourage his genuine effort towards self-improvement and transformation.

                                                  Au Set

Heru carries within his bloodstream the royal essence of Ausar, yet he is still his own man; he’s not Ausar’s cheap carbon copy. Heru isn’t trying to walk, talk, and dress EXACTLY like Ausar, but then again, he isn’t supposed to. He will conjure memories of Ausar in you when you see him, but he’s a god in his own right, and a worthy heir to The Throne. The old god (your past) must be incinerated so that the new god (your future) can rise from his ashes. This is the deeper present-day significance of the Ausarian mythos.

Unless you are using the racial information that you are sharing with others to INSPIRE SELF IMPROVEMENT in them then you’re just wasting your time. Who cares if the ancient Kemau were Black if Black people living today are not building on the cultural legacy that their ancestors left behind? We’re supposed to go farther and go harder than they did.  Our ancestors don’t need cheerleaders. They probably have a longer list of reasons for why they’re great than you could ever hope to compile.

 Our ancestors need descendants who will honor them through hard work and INNOVATION. They want fresh minds who can BUILD on old traditions as opposed to just maintaining these traditions. Any dummy can do that. Show me one group of people who are bringing new ideas and insights to the world by following old traditions exactly as they were handed to them over thousands of years? Such people do not exist.

The whole idea behind reincarnation is to continually perfect, modify and enhance what you’ve already learned. When we do this we acquire new experiences which lead to a new understanding of ourselves.  If you’re a Black cultural zealot who finds themselves slacking off, just ask yourself a couple of questions: what am I doing with my life today? What legacy am I working on leaving behind for future generations to marvel at?