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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Random Anti-Gravity Thoughts Written in Rebellion Against Glass Graves (Pt. 1 of 2)

While many people call up cable television providers to lay down wires that will grant them access to hundreds of television channels, Stellar Men and Women set up altars for themselves with the very same idea in mind. These altars substantially alter their personal perceptions by opening up inter-dimensional gateways through which thought transmissions from the farthest reaches of the universe are picked up by the tender satellite dishes symmetrically positioned on both sides of their heads.

As eager spectators gather around their television sets to watch The Kardashians or The Real Housewives of Atlanta on HDTVs, Stellar Men and Women receive the treasures of darkness that flash across the silverscreen  of  The Inner Mind’s Eye, which carries within it pearls of wisdom that transcend the boundaries of space and time.

For those who may not be aware, the television set is an artificial pineal gland, a head-tefillin, designed to replace the lofty ideas and moving images generated by your brain with those fashioned by social engineers. These engineers that I speak of are the manufacturers of media, which is in essence, a luxury vehicle for propaganda. Making the propaganda appear as a driving, yet transparent, presentation of universal truths is an ART that few media specialists have mastered. Naturally, there are some examples in which universal truths are genuinely shared.

In these instances the “Propaganda” has become “Proper Ganda,” which is a legitimate body of transformative knowledge that drastically improves one’s quality of life. What’s good for the goose is a highly distinguished Proper Ganda. In direct contrast, the men and women who control today’s mainstream media are working towards making your thought processes more constrained and predictable than you ever imagined they could be. 

This is not a part of some grand global conspiracy. It is just a matter-of-fact-reality that seems to escape the awareness of the sodomized monkey mind. If the Farmer knows what his cattle are thinking about, then he will have a good idea about what they are going to do next. Once he has a good idea about what his cattle are going to do under a given set of circumstances, he can devise the necessary plans to effectively manage his livestock.  

The farmers who appear to run the world smile at the willfully ignorant who occupy their grazing fields. They envision hamburgers in their supermarkets, which translates into money being made. Understand that in order for these rank ranchers to run a global funny farm comprised of billions of men, women, and children in a highly efficient manner they need to find ways of manipulating their thoughts and behavior. Today, people are overtly manipulated, managed and influenced through television enchantment and theater sorcery.

This is why all of the shows that are broadcast on your television set are called “programs.”  They are customarily designed to “program” you with thought patters that do nothing but constrict the circumference of your mind, which thereby makes you more mechanical and far less divine. If you want to frustrate a manipulative person, one of the best things that you can do is keep them outside of your head.  It is often better to leave them guessing and making assumptions. After all, their ensuing frustrations will be of no consequence to you.

You may find that these kinds of people will make repeated attempts to converse with you, but it’s not because you evoke a genuine interest from them. It’s because they want to know how to deal with you when they’re around you. Knowing how to deal with you lets these people know what mask to put on to win your trust and deceive you.

When you keep manipulative people like this out of your head you force them to present themselves as they truly are, because they do not have a frame of reference for how they should deal with you. When you are real you don’t have to ask people all kinds of questions to figure out who they are and what they’re all about. As long as you know who YOU are, you will quickly recognize who they are not, which is really all that YOU need to know with regard to your casual dealings with them.

The ancient Kemetic mythology of the archetypal god-man Ausar being buried alive in a coffin can be easily related to modern western culture in which the developmental potential within man is arrested, encapsulated, and imprisoned by the seductive propaganda that awaits him in a glowing high definition coffin made of plastic and glass.  I compare the television set to a coffin because only dead people live in it.

I will explain what I mean by this shortly. However, for the sake of fairness, I would first like to acknowledge the fact that the DVD player affords us an opportunity to enjoy visual productions that can potentially assist us in expanding our conciousness. Shout out to Evasive Angles. Interestingly, if we look at DVD technology within the context of Judaic meta-psychology, we realize that the “DVD” represents “King DaViD,” while the DVD player corresponds to Solomon’s Temple. According to the Bible, Solomon’s Temple was built by King Solomon, who is the son of King David.

It is worth noting that this temple was built not only as a dwelling place for the Hebrew Shekinah, but as a house for King David’s legacy. Meanwhile your DVD player is a temple and a dwelling place for your optical disc, which is better known as a DVD. Moreover, the sperm cell reflects light just as the back of this DVD does. The Hebrew religion centers around Saturn worship. I do not think that it is a mere coincidence that a DVD resembles the rings of the planet Saturn. Judaic mythology informs us that it was David who initially drew up the plans for the temple’s construction, while his son Solomon completed the job.

DVD players are usually Black because the archetypal Temple of Solomon is the Carbonated body of the Black woman. The two columns that are believed to have stood at the opening of Solomon’s Temple are known as the pillars of Boaz and Joachim (the latter is pronounced “Wakim”). These columns represent the Pillars of Severity and Mercy referenced in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

While reading a copy of A.A. Rashid’s Qabalistic and Meta-Physic interpretation of the Masonic Square, Compass, and Letter G eight years ago, I learned that if you play connect the dots with the eleven power vectors that make up the Kabbalistic Tree of Life you will inevitably see the image of the ancient Kemetic Ankh. However this ankh is also a stylized depiction of the female reproductive system. The horizontal bars on the left and the right side of the ankh represent the fallopian tubes, while the loop at the top symbolizes the uterus. The vertical bar right below the horizontal cross denotes the vaginal canal.

When the vaginal orifice is flooded with sperm following a single penile ejaculation it has literally become a light bearer. My assessment is not based on primitive superstition. It is grounded in empirical science. When a single spermatozoon—which has an average lifespan of 72 hours—is viewed under a microscope, its head burns brightly because it is a miniature sun in its own right. Within each consecutive hour of its 72-hour existence, this sperm cell acquires a new mode for the expression of divine intelligence. The spermatozoon’s ability to cultivate these intelligences ultimately determines its power and luminosity when seen under a microscope.

MGM readers who are familiar with the occult symbolism that underlies the entire biblical narrative are aware that “King Solomon,” was not a historical figure, but the personification of an atom’s nucleus. His many wives are the numerous electrons that surround an atom’s nucleus. The Manhattan Project, which culminated in the creation of the atom bomb, involved stripping the atom of its electrons to unleash the hidden power of its nucleus. Imagine how much hidden power would be unleashed within man if he were stripped of all of his fears, doubts, and insecurities?  You would have an “Adam” bomb on your hands, an explosive example of human brilliance and universal intent.

Christians, Jews, and Muslims who prematurely disregard the fact that King Solomon never existed as a flesh and blood human being should ask themselves a question: if King Solomon was such a wise man who was widely known throughout the ancient world as the Bible tells us, why is there no mention of him in the historical records of the neighboring countries that flourished at the time that he allegedly lived?   

If my question seems a bit unclear or confusing, let me paint a clearer picture for you by using modern history as an example. If the United States did not have photos, video footage, and written records of former U.S. president Richard Nixon, we would still know that he existed as a historical figure because China, Russia, and several other countries across the globe could confirm his existence in THEIR historical records. What evidence is there for King Solomon’s historical existence outside of AbraHamic religious texts (The Torah, Bible and Koran)?

There are Ethiopian kings and Kemetic Nisut Bitys (whom the Greeks incorrectly called Pharaohs) who lived LONG before King Solomon is believed to have existed. Still, neighboring nations ACKNOWLEDGED these men in their historical records.  Why didn’t they do the same thing with King Solomon? It’s because Solomon never existed as a historical figure.

The temple built without a hammer or chisel (1 Kings 6:7) is the physical body of a newborn child. A pregnant woman is an expert mason and a Supreme Architect who obtains her cement in the form of the semen that is mixed in the scrotum of man. A woman consolidates a man’s raw genetic material in her womb and constructs the body of her child, which is her rendition of Solomon’s Temple.  This is why Binah (pronounced Bean-ah), which is the 3rd sephirah on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, is traditionally regarded as feminine in nature. Conceptually speaking, Binah carries out the same function as the vaginal orifice. It consolidates the subtle matter of light energy into a denser form of matter that we recognize as flesh, blood, and bone. 

It takes sunlight 8 minutes to travel from the sun to the Earth. Meanwhile a single sperm cell—which is a miniature sun its own right—contains 8 chromosomes. This numerical relationship is based on the fact that every sperm cell possesses first-hand knowledge of light’s journey from the sun to planet earth. This knowledge is masterfully encoded into the sperm cell’s chromosomal structure. This encapsulated extraterrestrial intelligence that is contained within a sperm cell is what compels it to travel through a woman’s womb—just as light travels from the sun to the earth—to fertilize a woman’s egg.

    The solar-phallic Heru as drawn by Adika circa 2000

This innate intelligence is also what propels a man to pursue a woman for sexual intercourse. Man has a cosmic mandate to participate in the ritual of fertilization that has been carried out between our sun and earth for billions of years.  Within the Jamaican Pocomania revivalist tradition, the song “Let The Power Fall On I,” takes on special meaning when it is understood within the context of West African life sciences.  During Pocomania revivals people will often circumnavigate around a kettle-drum player counter-clockwise while wearing all white.

Western Astronomers have known for hundreds of years that our planet earth revolves around the sun counter-clockwise, but West African occultists have known this for hundreds of thousands of years.  The Pocomania drummer, who personifies the sun, will utilize a drum beat pattern that promotes what some might call spirit possession. This possession is usually characterized by seemingly unusual conduct that Western psychologists would associate with a neurotic condition known as “mania.” This is because to the Western mind, West African spirituality is clinically insane.

But how should we access the mental health of West Africans who abandon their own spiritual traditions in a sole effort to cater to Western sensibilities?  We would have to conclude that they are truly insane.  When the West African learns to cherish and build on the cultural legacy of his own ancient high cultures, his diamond mind will hold more luster than all of the diamond mines on the continent of Africa.

Cosmopolitan Negro intellectuals who cannot see beyond the stone edifices of ancient Kemet usually turn their noses up at West African history and culture without realizing that the ancient Kemetic culture that they revere so much was actually a synthesis of older African cultures from all across the continent that were preserved for the sake of posterity. I alluded to this last year in The Secret Herstoryof Ma’atematics:  Lunacy or Falsehood?(Pt. 2 of 4).

The Annu priesthood that figured so prominently in the state affairs of ancient Kemet traces its origins back to the Anu people of Nubia, who also established ancient Sumerian civilization. This is why the chief deity of Sumer was known as Anu, Lord of the Heavens.  The African origin of Sumerian civilization is even corroborated in the Hebrew Torah. Meanwhile, the Annu priesthood’s creation cosmology survives today among the Dogon of Mali, who currently reside in West Africa.

As we explore the solar-phallic model for human reproduction, it is worth pointing out that the female reproductive system—which is HIDDEN within a woman’s pelvic region—also resembles the face of the ram-headed Kemetic deity Amen-Ra. The god Ra is the personification of the fiery life force that exists within every man, woman, and child. The name “Amen” means “Hidden” in the ancient Kemetic language.  If you notice, when young children are playing Hide-And-Go-Seek they will often hide themselves like the god Amen, and then jump out of nowhere and scream “Ra!!!” This is how these children express the natural vitality of Amen-Ra that flows through their little bodies.

Usually the children will clench their teeth, grimace, and make scary faces when they scream Ra’s name because they intuitively know that Ra is an intense, ferocious, and monstrous energy.  In one respect, Hiram Abiff, the purported builder of Solomon’s Temple in Masonic lore is the HIgh RAM, which is the internal sun god Amen Ra that rises and sets within every man, woman, and child. If you want to raise the solar frequency of Ra within you, one of many things that you can do, is passionately scream the god’s name just as young children do.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it when no one is around if you’re afraid that people will look at you like you’re crazy. It’s therapeutic.  Only now do I understand how the fictional character Mum-Ra from the Thundercats cartoon was able to make the transformation from a decrepit, bandaged old man to a muscle-bounded sorcerer. He always screams Ra’s name while at the height of his transformation.

Cartoons from the 80s tend to stay with people, even into adulthood. This is because they have an imaginative way of conveying the profound metaphysical truths that underlie our everyday lives. Of course Thundercats’ creators had to make Mum-Ra evil because they built his mythology with the cultural rudiments of the ancient Kemetic tradition, which is itself, a direct reflection of a larger African legacy.

When a man inseminates a woman’s vagina he is literally feeding the god Ra that dwells within her.  Women who actually feel their lovers ejaculating inside of their vaginas will usually feel more physically energized and empowered after sexual intercourse than they do after the man ejaculates into a condom, which turns intercourse into a more sophisticated form of masturbation on a meta-sexual level.  This is not a critique of safe sex, but sexually experienced people who are honest with themselves have no choice but to concede that it is not a distortion of the truth, either.

When a woman can actually feel her man precipitating a solar shower within her womb it is a personal confirmation for her that she has successfully completed her task, and that task is making the transformation from a woman to a light bearer which is a living, breathing, temple of light. Whether she is a lesbian or a heterosexual, every evolving woman wants to be filled with divine light. Don’t take my word for it, since I am not a woman. Instead, ask a progressive, forward-thinking woman if she would like to be filled with light.