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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thug Light: Kali-Ma, Tupac Shakur & The Spectra-Physics of Planetary Ascension (Pt.3of3)

The wise priests of ancient Kemet understood the underlying dynamics of electromagnetic radiation, which is why they eventually depicted the neter (god) Ptah wearing a BLUE skull cap. Ptah is the Grand Architect of the physical universe, which is literally comprised of light particles that have experienced varying levels of condensation.  

Egyptologists, cosmologists, historians, and astute researchers of ancient Kemetic mythology have been telling us for centuries that Ptah is the neter who drafted the cosmic blueprint, which is the ground plan that details the structure and dimensions of our physical universe. What they don’t tell you—because they don’t know—is that Ptah is also the generator of Earth’s blueprint.

However the blueprint referenced here is the spectral imprint of blue visible light that serves as the dominant light frequency on planet earth. Among the ancient sages of Men Nefer, Ptah was the outer projection of the eternal, internal divinity that dwelled in every stellar woman and man. He is the creative over-soul for all of the intelligent life forms who collectively constructed this holographic color-coded universe comprised of light wave-particles. Everything in your field of vision breaks down into light particle-waves. If you doubt that we live in a holographic universe, just ask Tupac Shakur. He’ll show you.

Tupac was loved and feared in life because he was adept at pointing out the contradictions and double standards that color and shape the conflicted world that we live in. He internalized the pain and disappointment inherent to the human experience so much that he became a conflicted man himself. However, we all recognize some of the same conflicts and contradictions within ourselves, which is why we identify with Tupac.  Someone once told me that no one is just ONE thing, and Tupac reminds us of this truth like no other public figure has.

Be cautious and on your guard when confronted by “holier-than-thou” personalities who go out of their way to convince you that they are Jesus Christ in the flesh. Even if they may have some good intentions, their unrestrained egos compel them to prey on your gullibility and unfulfilled desire to follow a leader. Do they express any interest in learning from you as you learn from them, or do they merely see you as a fan whom they can use to pay their living expenses? Not all parasites wear white collar dress shirts. Some of them wear ankhs, beads and other forms of ethnic apparel.

Like Tupac, we all carry the cross of ambivalence. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Tupac is regarded as somewhat of a messianic figure for oppressed people across the globe. It is widely known that most practicing Jews do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as a historical figure. However in the European Rabbinic tradition—which is farther removed from the orthodox Judaic tradition that has been observed in Africa and the “Middle East” for centuries—we find a very curious figure in the form of Yeshua Ben Pandera.

According to the Talmud, which is a book highly venerated by European Jews, Pandera was a magician who was stoned to death by the Jewish priesthood which did not want to acknowledge him as a messiah. The name “Yeshua Ben Pandera” in Hebrew means “Salvation, Son of the Panther.”  The Thug Immortal, Tupac Shakur, offered salvation to Interscope Records and gossipy hip hop magazines over the course of his musical career.

The rapper was a godsend for the voiceless who relentlessly rocked mics with the passion of Christ. More important than that, however, is the fact that Tupac was the son of a Panther. His mom, Afeni Shakur, was a Black Panther while many speculate that his biological father is Mutulu Shakur, a Panther imprisoned for allegedly attempting to rob a brink truck. 

As stated before, it is written that Ben Pandera was stoned to death. However if someone from over 2,000 years ago—who knows nothing about guns—envisioned Tupac being shot to death in Las Vegas, is it possible that they would record their vision as the Son of the Panther being stoned to death? After all, a stone would be the closest thing to a bullet that a man who lived in ancient times would know. Although the Talmud is a book of dubious importance that did not exist prior to our Common Era, it is not only plausible, but probable, that the Pandera story in it did.  Was the murder of Ben Pandera fiction, history, or prophesy? It could only be one of the three.

                             The Black Madonna and Child in France

When I think about the turbulent circumstances that surrounded Tupac’s birth I can’t help but think about the 12th chapter of The Book of Revelations. In this chapter we read about a pregnant woman clothed with the sun who carries the messiah in her womb. This woman lives on the run from the great dragon who seeks to devour her male child.

Even while pregnant with Tupac, Afeni was among the many targets of the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program, formerly known as COINTELPRO. The federal program sought to destabilize the Black Power movement of the 1960s and 70s. J. Edgar Hoover, the infamous cross-dressing FBI director who introduced it, said that he wanted to “prevent the rise of a Black messiah.” Afeni was acquitted of charges for an alleged bomb plot in 1971. However, it seems that the dragon kept a watchful eye on her son.

Many people will read this post and laugh at the mere thought that Tupac was a messianic figure who was cut down before he was allowed to realize his full potential as a man of righteousness and a warrior for justice. However those are the very same individuals who would laugh at the idea that a young Black male born and raised in the ghetto could grow up to become someone who alters the fate of the world for the better. They also conveniently ignore the fact that the Talmud is taken very seriously by some of the men who run the music industry that Tupac was a part of.

If Tupac was indeed a messianic figure, and his legacy resonates with you on a personal level, then it is only because there is a messiah within you waiting to be taken off of the cross of mediocrity and self-doubt. The people who deny your potential are blinded by the blue imprint of Maya, which will eventually prove to be their own undoing. For them, the goddess Kali has a special necklace with their tormented faces on it.

Blue light is one of the primary causes of the deterioration of human eyesight. This process is known as macular degeneration, and if unchecked, it will cause you to go as blind as singer, Ray Charles. According to recent polls, Charles is the leading candidate for a future holographic concert show. Of course, a hologram is an optical illusion. It is a projection of the world of Maya that aims to keep you blind to the ultimate reality.

If we were to look at the goddess Kali with our two eyes then we would immediately go blind because our mundane eyes cannot sustain the spectral brilliance of ignorance and make-believe. We can only see Kali as she truly is once our Third Eye is opened to the Max. Only then, do we see her and the illusory world that she has come to destroy as they are.

We are the grand architects of today who are being driven and inspired to construct the edifice of a brand new tomorrow. The individual who succeeds in building opulent palaces in the minds of his people has already achieved immortality. While in a state of panic and paranoia, Nazi führer Adolf Hitler was once quoted by a confidant as saying “The new man is among us. He is here! I will tell you a secret. I have seen the vision of the new man—fearless and formidable. I shrank from him.” The new man and womb-man that Hitler envisioned is you. It’s me. It’s all of us.

Before we construct a new world, a new order, the old one must be destroyed. This is the role of Kali the destroyer in this dreadful Kali Yuga age that we are currently living in. When the blue goddess carries out her job then Ptah is exalted, and can thereby proceed with his creation process. You can say that Ptah obtains the blue crown that he is usually depicted wearing from the goddess Kali in that respect.

When Kali is done cleansing this planet of its filth, then everyone will see her as a beautiful Black goddess as opposed to a terrifying blue monster. Ptah’s crown will go from blue to violet as he places the golden capstone on his cosmic pyramid of light. We’ll be done singing the BLUES because we have left all 666 terahertz of maya behind.

Kali and Ptah participate in an ongoing cycle of expansion and contraction, life and death, building (Ptah) and destroying (Kali). Kali and Ptah play pivotal roles in the natural progrssion of life. Some traditionalists may take personal exception with the fact that I am using deities from two different pantheons to explain the process of death and rebirth. This is unfortunate because the universal principles that these ancient gods and goddesses embody transcend all cultural boundaries.


They beg to be reabsorbed into the grand cosmological framework that gave birth to our earliest recollections of exactly who we are. Kali is India’s cultural interpretation of the potency that the people of ancient Kemet recognized as Sekhemet, who is the wife of Ptah. But even Sekhemet and Ptah are cultural interpretations of universal archetypes that existed long before there were pyramids made of stone or even languages spoken by men.

Regular Mind Glow Media readers have probably come to realize by now that I am not interested in promoting any authentic mystical tradition at the expense of another. Instead, I place a greater emphasis of value on understanding the universal principles that each tradition uniquely conveys. All of these mind sciences were left behind by our brilliant ancestors, so why shouldn’t we examine them all?

A true Moor doesn’t embrace Islam or any other creed because he has a sentimental connection to it. He uses whatever system works to his favor to acquire a greater degree of understanding about life and his role within it. This understanding enables him to effectively navigate the restless seas of self-awareness and self-determination without sinking beneath the ocean of superstition and blind faith.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that these cosmic intelligences that we call “gods” can be completely defined within a relative cultural framework, but they cannot.  The wise men and women of ancient Kemet, Harrapa, Nubia, Sumer and other nations had pieces of the grand puzzle, but none of them had the whole picture. That’s why they all fell so that their children would go through the spiritual fermentation required to find the missing pieces. Thus, here you and I are today.

These gods and goddesses don’t even care about the preservation of our individual traditions to the extent that their loyal adherents think that they do. They don’t want us to return to the ancient ways of old. They want us to take the old ways and build on them, add to them, so that we can create something beautiful, new and fresh. We should not want to be exactly like our ancient ancestors who built great civilizations in the past. WE SHOULD WANT TO SURPASS THEM.

The gods’ only concern is the mental and spiritual evolution of the stellar man and woman, because they are external reflections of you and I, projecting themselves into our reality from a distant, future time. Your future has never looked brighter. I wish you eternal life and Thug Light. Holla if ya hear me.