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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catholic Priest says Missing Girl Kidnapped for Ritualistic Vatican Sex Romps

“[Priest] Guibourg performed these masses over the naked bodies of women who came to him for these favors; barring that he would bring in prostitutes to serve as the ‘altars’ in these rites. The infant was slain over the woman, and the blood collected in a chalice. According to archives, some of these rites were even more complex and involved the collection of human semen and menstrual blood, out of which cakes were made with the addition of bat’s blood and flour.”
-From the book Papal Magic: Occult Practices Within the Catholic Church

It has often been said that all roads lead to Rome. Based on recent international news reports, some of those roads may leave a nasty trail of semen mingled with blood, bones and children’s tears  leading straight to the Vatican’s door.

Although Father Gabriele Amorth could be a quack, I would not be so quick to doubt that his allegations against Vatican officials are true. When you read most of the articles written by journalists in the American news media, Amorth is presented as overly eccentric. This is done so that his claims are not taken seriously by readers whose minds are open and vulnerable to the harmful effects of word sorcery.

One should keep in mind that the Roman Catholic Church was not named as such by happenstance. As a matter of fact, the prefix “Cath” in the word “Catholic” means to “To insert.” The question is, what exactly are these priests inserting and into whom are they inserting it? Click on the link below for a clue. Don’t bat your eyes at the Holy See. You might get screwed if you do.