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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thug Light: Kali-Ma,Tupac Shakur & The Spectra-Physics of Planetary Ascension (Pt.2of3)

Although Kali is a Black goddess, in the racial sense, she was often depicted by the artists of ancient India as having blue skin because her devotees were presenting her in a metaphysical context. According to the Tantrists of India, the unenlightened perceive Kali as having blue skin because they are lost in the world of maya, which is the world of optical illusions. There is a wealth of information on her in Robert E. Svobodas book Aghora: At the Left-Hand of God. Illusion is associated with the color blue because our sky appears to be blue even though it really is not.

As far as color goes, our sky is literally a direct reflection of the most dominant spectral emission coming from the planetary spirit, which is itself, deeply attuned to the dominant mental energy frequency broadcast by the collective of life forms on this planet. According to ophthalmologists, High Energy Visible light is either blue or violet. Blue light has a vibrational frequency range of 631 - 666 terahertz (THz). 

The prefix “Tera” means “Earth” in Latin. The suffix “Hertz” is a unit of measurement named after 19th century German physicist, Heinrich Hertz, and it is used to determine the amount of cycles per second of pure light energy. When we put the two words together we get “Terahertz,” which is a unit of measurement used to quantify the resonant light frequencies permeating our earth’s atmosphere.

The sky being blue has little or nothing to do with gas molecules in the sky having intercourse with solar rays in our atmosphere. The sun is actually an amplifier of the light that we collectively emit from our minds. If our brains had more amplitude we wouldn’t need an external sun to sustain life on this planet. The planet and everyone on it would subsist off of the electromagnetic radiation of their own pure mental energy.

The Mark of the Beast referenced in the biblical Book of Revelations has different connotations depending on the context in which it is used.  Within the context of spectrum physics, the number “666” refers to the human-generated frequency fence comprised of blue light that has enveloped our planet for nearly 104,000 years. The number associated with the Beast in the Book of Revelations is 666 which is actually the frequency threshold for an illusionary social paradigm. 

Once humanity raises its collective consciousness index, the energy frequency of the planet will also increase and our sky will appear to be violet, a color that vibrates at 667 – 788 (THz).  The clouds will go from white to gold. In my curiosity I used Kabbalistic gematria in hopes of uncovering the evolutionary significance of the number “788” and found that it corresponds to the secret wisdom of Chokmah. In these days of revelation, the wisdom teachings that were once guarded in secret will be brought to light in the most literally sense.

The Book of Revelation tells us about the harlot arrayed in purple and scarlet holding the cup of abomination. When combined, the colors purple and scarlet give us the color maroon. Although Maroon is widely recognized as a color, it is also a name designated for the defeated Moors of the western hemisphere, in this particular case, the Moors of North America.

With that said, we can conceivably conclude that the woman arrayed in purple and scarlet is symbolic of a nation arrayed in the cloak of Moorish high culture. In a moment, we will take another critical look at the color maroon as we explore its potential significance when cast under microscope of abomination and seen through the lens of Moorish history. 

We’ve all been taught that George Washington became the first president of the United States in 1789, which is 13 years after the colonists gained their independence from King George of England. It is rarely asked who ran the country between 1776 and 1789? Before Washington was elected president a Moor, a Black man, by the name of John Hanson  presided over the original 13 colonies from at least 1781 – 1782. Hanson played a very instrumental role in showing the so-called founding fathers of the United States of America how to structure a functional government. Conceptually speaking, Ausar, the Black god of the Nile, is the world’s first PRESIDEnt, as he PRESIDEs over the dead in the underworld. The U.S. founding fathers, who revered ancient Kemet for its wisdom, sought assistance from the Ausar, the Black leader, of their time.  

The Moorish Science Temple teaches their followers that the story of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree is actually a veiled reference to the destruction of the Moorish nation in North America. This is because the flag is believed to have had a cherry color. It is believed that this Moorish flag was subsequently stashed in vault and hidden under lock and key.

Interestingly enough, Bing cherry trees grow maroon-colored cherries. Meanwhile the word “Bing” is often used as a synonym for a jail, which is a holding cell or chamber. Wouldn’t the alleged vault that the Maroon/Moorish flag was stashed in be a holding chamber, or a “Bing” for the North American Moorish flag that is cryptically referred to as a cherry tree? Upon this question I will not force a definitive answer. I will allow the reader the benefit of deciding what the answer is for themselves. There’s a lot “Moor” to the history of the United States than what we’ve generally been told.

 In his 1624 novel entitled, The New Atlantis, Hermetic scientist and author Francis Bacon wrote about European explorers who sailed west to a utopian paradise known as The New Atlantis. Upon reaching this New Atlantis, the explorers are greeted at the shore by a wise man wearing a turban. This man is identified as an ambassador to The House of Solomon who exposes the mystified European explorers to all kinds of occult and technological wonders.

Bacon’s Latin book (originally titled “Nova Atlantis”), which was not published in English until 1627, is a work of historical fiction in that it imaginatively describes what the first British settlers encountered when they came to America in 1620, and that is a prosperous Moorish society. In his personal memoirs, Christopher Columbus says that based on physical appearance, he could not tell the difference between the early Native Americans and Blacks in Africa.

                     Karel Van Mander III's painting of a Moor (1625)

The so-called “red skinned” Native Americans did not wear turbans and neither did the early British settlers of the original 13 colonies. However Moors are known for wearing turbans, and they had knowledge of how to reach the so-called “New World” before Columbus was even born. In fact it was the Christian Moor Pedro Alonso Nino who showed Columbus how to sail to the Americas. Columbus wasn’t trying to sail to India to visit any temple dedicated to the goddess Kali.  He knew exactly where he was going when set upon the sea and sailed west.

The cup of abomination in The Book of Revelations is the cup which audaciously holds the hope of president Obama’s nation. The United States accepts immigrants from all over the world whether they are ugly or beautiful, hard working or lazy, intelligent or stupid, criminal minded or noble, rich or poor.

 In theory, the United States of America accepts any, and everyone who can afford to come here. If this country were a woman then it would probably be a harlot. However this harlot is the last hope for the so-called free world—not because the people who run the government are great—but because many people who call this country their home, are.  

Whenever you read about negative female characters in the Bible, you should do so with an open mind, because as great as the Bible is, it was commissioned by the Roman Catholic Church, which has always been a safe haven for vindictive gay men who despise women. One Catholic Encyclopedia states that “The female sex is in some respects inferior to the male sex, both as regards to body and soul.”

Even if a heterosexual man thinks that a female is inferior to a man in soul, he would not dare say that she is inferior in body. Only a gay man could even conceive the thought. Catholic Church father Titus Flavius Clemens said that “Every woman ought to be filled with shame at the thought that she is a woman.” If you’re a man who likes creamy crack on his back, then that’s  your business, and not mine. It’s not my place to judge what two men do with their time. However when you seek to demonize an entire gender under the pretense of religious piety then you deserve a permanent detox.

The harlot is maligned in the Bible, but a prostitute gives away something that has inherent value—her life-giving womb—for money which has no inherent value. She so loved the world that she sacrificed her only begotten punanny so that man would enjoy everlasting delight and experience it more abundantly.

Hypocritical Christians who are dumbfounded by the last sentence fail to see the undeniable parallel between their divinely heroic messiah and the erotic matron of sexual desire. Jesus Christ is the most prostituted individual in the history of humanity. This one man has made more money for popes, pastors, ministers and reverends over the last 2,000 years than all of the women in Iceberg Slim’s books combined—and there is not an iota of credible evidence the he actually existed.

There are some malicious monsters in this world who thrive off of race, class, and gender  conflict because it maintains the blue visible light frequency fence that keeps us locked in the world of maya, the world of illusion. During the 19th century there was a pro-slavery secret society in Missouri known as The Blue Lodge which protested the Kansas-Nebraska Act which opened the door to Kansas becoming a free state.

It is worth noting that the first three degrees of Freemasonry comprise what is known as the “Blue Lodge.” Some of its initiates are under the illusion that they have felt The Grip of the Lion’s Paw, but a lion is King of the Beasts. If you are walking around under the blue spectral imprint which vibrates at 666 (THz), then you are a lowly subject to The King of the Beasts because you have resigned yourself to accepting its vibratory mark, which is in essence, The Mark of the Beast.  The lion only gives reverence to those who have accreted a higher degree of personal power than it wields over the lesser beasts of the frequency field.

This is why when you read the Bible the prophet Daniel is thrown into the lion’s den but he doesn’t get eaten. He spiritually subdues the lion and his life is spared because he is innocent and pure of heart. The only way that you will receive The Grip of the Lion’s Paw is if you can subdue The King of the Beasts within you to raise your consciousness from blue to violet—which as I said before—vibrates between 667 – 788 (THz) per second.

If we did not have highly evolved men and women scattered throughout the globe, the planet’s energy level would have dropped to about 400 (THz), which is the frequency of red light, which is the weakest in the visible light spectrum. When the consciousness of a planet drops this low it will not be able to support intelligent life and its sky will become red. 

The Yoruba war god Ogun is associated with the planet Mars and his sacred metal is iron. When iron oxidizes it turns red. Iron has been used for centuries in the smelting of weapons, which are used in war. Meanwhile, oxygen is what we breathe to sustain our lives, which makes it a life-giving agent. The symbolism behind iron rusting into a reddish color once it is exposed to oxygen tells us that once we give life (oxygen) to war (iron) we bring death (red light, spilt red blood, the red root chakra) upon ourselves because we are driving down the dominant visible light energy frequency of our planet.

The spiritually evolved Black men and women on this planet, who were collectively known as the Djedhi (from which George Lucas got the name Jedi for his Star Wars series) in ancient Kemet—and renamed the Illuminati in subsequent centuries—have learned from their past mistakes and are trying to assist the people of planet Earth in avoiding the same fate that they suffered in the far distant past. These men and women may come across as very unassuming, so you may not recognize them when you see them, but they’re here. Their simple manner allows them to contribute to The Great Work without drawing too much attention to themselves. However they may function as muses for charismatic public figures because they know that immature humanity is caught up in the cult of personality.

Highly intelligent people who vibrate beyond the energy frequency of violet light cannot be seen with human eyes, because human eyes were SPECIFICALLY designed to process VISIBLE light and NOTHING BEYOND THAT. There are planets in outer space that are populated with intelligent life forms that we are not able to see because we have not reached the critical stage in our spiritual evolution where we are able to see them. There are seven colors in the visible light spectrum, and humanity has yet to break the seventh seal of violet light which separates the men from the boys, the mortals from the gods.