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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Lost Book of Lava Gina & The Moonstone Mansion of Flawless Thrones

“The word ‘Houris’ means ‘Beauties’ in Arabic,” read Brian Wrong from his laptop screen, which emitted a purple and yellow glow that was as bright as Algorab. Not even the twirling amber lamps on top of the wailing ambu lance could pierce the shining armor of Brian’s deep and abiding focus. “From the word ‘Houris’ you get the word ‘Whore’ which is actually the word ‘Houris’ in its English form. It is my opinion that the Arab linguists who framed the word ‘Houris’ were students of The Tree of Life, which was known in ancient Kemet as the Paut Neteru (Tree of the Gods).

I say this because the word ‘Hour’ comes from the name ‘Horus’ which in turn comes from the name “Heru” who was an ancient Kemetic deity. If we line up the spheres on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with the Kemetic neteru (gods), then Heru would occupy the sphere known as Tiphareth. The Hebrew word “Tiphareth” means “Beauty” which brings us full circle to the Arabic word ‘Houris’ again.

Like many other words, this one was introduced into the English lexicon by the Moors who occupied Europe during the Dark Matter Ages. The sons of Atlas were among the most notorious peddlers of women with commercial curves—most of whom were from Eastern Europe. The word “slave,” comes from the word “Slav,” because many of the Slavic women filled up the Moorish bath houses where they were prepared for the slave market.

In some respects, the Moors who lived in Europe adopted a Greco-Roman mindset which is one of the reasons why their empire collapsed near the end of the 15th century. They became driven by material greed and an insatiable lust for power. Like the Roman emperors who ruled Southern Europe before them, they tried to expand the borders of their empire faster than they could effectively maintain those borders.

As Haile Selassie I, the former emperor of Ethiopia used to say, slow progress helps to ensure that one sustains the progress that they’ve already made. It appears that the Almoravids didn’t quite understand this concept. Truth be told, the fall of Al-Andalus began in the 11th century when Abu Bakr and his Almoravid dynasty were warring with Ghana over land. 

Although they crushed the mighty Ghanaian empire, they weakened themselves in the process, which only strengthened the papacy by default. Were it not for Morocco’s emerging Almohad dynasty, Al-Andalus may have crumbled sooner that it did under the weight of its premature ambitions.

Since women who were widely perceived as physically attractive occupied the bath houses established by the Moorish aristocracy, the word “whore” and “prostitute” became synonymous in subsequent centuries even though they originally may not have been.  A prostitute was a woman who may or may not have been physically attractive, but nevertheless, convinced men to pay her for sexual favors with money, or in the very least, its equivalent. 

This is an important detail for us to keep in mind when we are reading books about the so-called ‘Sacred Prostitutes’ of ancient Sumer whom Western historians and anthropologists write about. These academicians are blind snipers, out of their range and off the mark. They’re intellectual bunglers with burners aimlessly sparking up the dark. There were no “sacred prostitutes” in ancient Sumer. That’s a historical fabrication put forth by European scholars. 

Within the ancient Greco-Roman mind—which modern white society has ultimately inherited—women were seen as disposable goods to be used, impregnated, and discarded in old age. I didn’t learn this by reading the commentaries of Afrocentric scholars. I learned this by reading a considerable amount of ancient Greek and Roman literature which served as my primary sources.

                                 Venetian Moors go H.A.M....

The words “whore” and “prostitute” became inextricably linked because in the Greco-Roman world a prostitute was the only occupation available to a beautiful woman outside of being a mother. In ancient Greece women could not allocate land and they had no real say in public policy. This is in direct contrast to the Black women who assisted their men in building classical African civilizations.

In school many of us are taught that Greece introduced Democracy to the world. However, this is nothing to brag about when you understand that over 90 percent of Greece’s population was made up of slaves. Only the men who were born there were formally acknowledged by the state as citizens. Throughout the centuries, several men have looked at women who enjoy having lots of sex with lots of men as subhuman, even though these women possess skills and natural talents that these men genuinely covet in a woman.

Western nations are deeply influenced by long-standing Christian values, even though many of the people who live in these countries do not personally identify themselves as Christians. In these societies, the prostitute is demonized even though she has a lot in common with the Christian godhead, Jesus Christ. According to the pervasive Christian theology, Jesus sacrifices something that has intrinsic value (his life) in order to obtain dominion over that which has no intrinsic value (the souls of fallen humanity who are allegedly born in sin).

According to Christian teaching, your soul is ONLY redeemed after you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Thus your soul only has inherent value once you acknowledge Jesus Christ as the true and living God. Christian theologians say that Jesus physical punishment included being beaten with the cat of nine tails. Over the course of her work day, a prostitutes cat and fat tail might get beaten by nine cocks. Jesus carried the cross, while the Mary Magdalenes of the world do the same in terms of their social stigma. Like Jesus, the prostitute sacrifices something that has intrinsic value (her vagina) in exchange for something that has no intrinsic value (money). 

A man can make money by himself if he is hard-working, but no amount of hard work will enable him to make a vagina. He can use money to sustain his life and those of the people he loves, but his money cannot bring forth new life. A vagina, however, can bring forth new life. A dollar’s value cannot extend beyond the parameters established by men, but men cannot put a good price on a vagina once they understand what it is.

 If we apply the Christian’s own reasoning in our effort to understand the prostitute then we can reasonably deduce that the prostitute is a messianic figure in her own right. Perhaps the alleged relationship between Jesus and the prostitute Mary Magdalene is rooted in their mutual understanding that they are both serving the same function in this world. Jesus is the messiah of the spiritual realm, while Mary Magdalene is the messiah of the physical realm. The two polarities must meet.

A lot of men are unable to resolve their conflicting emotions towards the sensually endowed woman. On one hand, a man may appreciate the sexual pleasure that this woman gives him. On the other, he resents the fact that he does not have exclusive ownership of the body that affords him this pleasure. 

Out of his own personal frustration, he then relegates the woman who possesses the body to the status of a life-sized Barbie, a trivial plaything with no origin in the world who solely exists for his personal convenience. If you were a cave man who had to travel several miles across a frosty wasteland just to find a live mammal to bust a nut in, then exclusivity of ownership would be important to you too. After all, who wants to share their treasure in a land where precious stones and metals are hard to come by?

There are no value judgments being made here. These are just simple observations. The ownership and commodification of female sexuality has become so ingrained in the collective human psyche that even some women have chosen to identify themselves as Barbies. Our modern culture teaches us to love things and use people. A true high culture would teach us to love people and use things. 

Instead of maligning or commercializing the sexual proclivities of promiscuous women—who have always existed throughout human history—advanced societies set up social institutions that enabled them to pursue their interests without being stigmatized for it. If you are a fool, you will try to deter a person from following their essential nature. If you are intelligent, you will accept them for who they are and assess whether or not their natural inclinations can fulfill a genuine need within your empire. A prosperous society thrives on a variety of characters and personalities.

The U.S. senate, which is a branch of the U.S. Whore House of Representatives—and I’m using the word “whore” in its modern definition—is based on the concept of the old Roman senate. However the Roman word “Senate” comes from the ancient Babylonian word “Senhate.” The Babylonian Senhate was comprised of prostitutes who had sex solely for money. Thus we now have undeniable etymological proof, as though we ever needed it, that the U.S. politicians who supposedly represent the political interests of U.S. citizens are actually prostitutes who only serve those individuals who have enough cash to pay for play. Rastas have been telling the world for years that the United States is Babylon, but only a few can see the cup of Obama’s nation for what it is.

The ancient Sumerian priestesses may have been whores in the original sense of being beautiful. However they cannot, and should not, be confused with the prostitutes of the later Babylonian culture which sprang up after Sumer was overrun by Indo-Europeans. The ancient priestess of Inanna was a hands-on sex therapist who assisted men in attaining a deeper understanding of the profound relationship between sex and spirituality. 

The priestess’ body was an anatomical paradise enameled with man’s highest hopes and aspirations. Her womb was a stargate to the divine. Her compassionate heart was solid gold. Her supple flesh was a stellar clay that no mere mortal could enfold or mold. Through her sensual demonstrations of affection, the priestess forged the metal of men’s souls in the scorching die of their own divinity.

For evidence of this fact, all that we have to do is refer to the ancient writings of Sumer. There is a story in which an Inanna priestess known as Shamhat civilizes the shaggy haired beast man Enkidu (who is not to be confused with the god Enki) who was more than content with having sex with animals. After Shamhat has sex with Enkidu he becomes more refined, less animalistic in his manner. Shamhat upgraded Enkidu by teaching him how to manipulate the life force energy in his body that we generally call sexual energy. By initiating Enkidu into the sexual mysteries, the priestess helped him to embark on the path to humanity which he clearly was not on prior to their union.

Given that Enkidu was an uncivilized wild man who regularly had sex with animals, we have to ask ourselves a couple of critical questions: what kind of money did he realistically pay Shamhat for her services? Did Enkidu or his primitive peers even have any concept of money? There is no exchange of money in the story handed down to us by the ancient scribes of Sumer. The priestess gave her body to Enkidu in preparation for the transition that his descendants would eventually make from Neanderthal to Homo Sapiens. 

Perhaps the ‘Good Samaritan’ story in the New Testament is a much tamer version of what we might call ‘The Good Sumerian,’ story that we have just explored. This story predates everything in the New Testament by thousands of years. The Christian holiday known as Easter, is based on the worship of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar who was formerly known in Sumer as Inanna. Like Jesus, the goddess Inanna rose from the dead after three days. Her fertility rites were held in the Spring season as it signaled the rebirth of the goddess and nature.”

Brian had been reading articles on this website that he had discovered for the last three hours and he couldn’t pull himself away from it. It was so rich with fresh perspectives on ancient history, mythology, psychology and metaphysics, but from a young Black man’s perspective which he did not even know existed. As a white man born and raised in middle America, Brian had no idea that there were even young Blacks living in the United States who had an interest in such esoteric subjects.

Although Brian didn’t consider himself a racist—as if any racist ever does—the impression that he always had about Blacks in America was that when it came to spirituality, they lacked the natural inquisitiveness needed to look beyond Christianity—or even Islam, in their search for truth. Brian acknowledged their unsurpassed contributions to American popular culture, but aside from that, he saw Blacks living in America as culturally bankrupt, intellectually uninquisitive, reactionary, and predictable. However, Brian had to admit that his personal opinion of them did not come from meaningful firsthand interactions. It was primarily based on what he watched on the cable television channel, B.E.T. and the website, World Star Hip Hop.

Like many young whites, Brian would occasionally watch 106 & Park, or a Black movie, to learn the latest Black slang, fashion, music, and gain insight into other Black cultural dynamics. He learned about the African slave trade and subsequent civil rights movement from his years in elementary school all the way until his days as an undergraduate student in college. With that, Brian thought that he was a young progressive white man who knew all that there was to be known about Black Americans, their history, and culture. After reading some of the articles on this incredible website, he realized that he didn’t know anything about them, but more importantly, the overwhelming majority of Blacks did not know much about themselves.

Brian left the Ishtar Box Café and headed to the local library to research some of the info that he read about on the young Black man’s website. While he was in the occult studies section he saw a tattered pink hardcover book that read “The Lost Book of Lava Gina” on its spine in gold letters. He opened the book cover and was surprised to see that the first page was actually a flexible mirror imbedded in parchment paper that distorted his image.

Brian was amused. He turned the mirrored page over only to find another one. Looking back at him from this mirror, however, was George Zimmerman, the cold-blooded murderer of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s visage betrayed the contenance of a hardened soul without empathy or remorse. After a few seconds his face was completely covered by a thick orange cloud, just like the ones that hover over the icy landscape of Titan, which is the planet Saturn’s largest moon. 

After the dense haze dissipated, all that Brian could see was the emaciated face of death staring back at him. It was a grotesque fractured skull cloaked in dirty crimson blood. Its left eye socket was covered with cobwebs, while the right was a bloody grail of bone that contained rotting pieces of brain matter blackened by the burning coals of retribution.

There was something creeping behind the cobwebs in the skull’s left eye socket. Within it, Brian saw two tiny red lights followed by a flickering forked tongue. The two lights turned out to be the eyes of a poisonous black mamba that revealed its fangs before it leaped out of the mirror in an effort to devour Brian’s face. However Brian reacted with sharp reflexes and dropped the book on the floor.

When Brian turned away from the library’s bookshelf to run away from the haunted mansion of mirrors he fell down a deep, dark hole in the floor that literally appeared out of nowhere. The velocity of his long fall was significantly broken by the spectral arms that reached out to grab him as he was on his way down. Brian hit the floor feet first. He looked around frantically, and realized that he was no longer in the library, but what looked like the slave dungeon of some old medieval castle. There were torches lined along the wall which encircled him. The smell of sandalwood incense drifted anonymously through the dark enclosure which was a silent disco of dancing flames.

In the center of the stoic vault was a table that upheld a pink book with a spine and covers made out of glowing moonstone. The pink covers had white striations reminiscent of raw, boneless chicken breasts. However the moonstones did not have any inscriptions. The book looked like it could have been as much as two thousand pages. As Brian opened it, an inscription on the first page read “The Book of Lava Gina: Volume 4,622, 164.” It was a much larger version of the book he saw in the library. As Brian skimmed through it, he realized that the entire book was a diary detailing the sexual experiences of all kinds of men who were either having sex, or failed to do so, on the astral plane on the days that they died.


Brian began to wonder if he was still tripping off of the peyote that he had smoked earlier in the morning with everything that was transpiring before him in such a very short period of time. He wanted to leave the dungeon and go home, but he didn’t know how to get out of the dungeon. And even if he did, he couldn’t pull himself away from The Book of Lava Gina. What he read in this book was odd, but entertainingly surreal... 

The story doesn't end here. There's more and it's coming soon. Stay tuned...