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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Meta-Herstory of Ma'atematics: 'Lunacy' or Falsehood? (Pt. 3 of 4)

The Greek historian Herodotus wrote about how the Olympian gods would return to Ethiopia from whence they came, at least once a year, for a great feast. However the Olympians did not feast WITH the Ethiopians as many of us have assumed. The Olympians were actually feasting ON the Ethiopians, who were their parents, also known as the fallen Titans. However, the open acknowledgment of the 13th sign known as Serpentarius signals the return of the serpentine lunar goddess Mawu to the hearts and minds of the fallen Titans who will transcend the electromagnetic impressions of their unruly Olympian children to attain mastery of the heavens, which is truly their birthright.

Your future is told in the Greek myth known as “The 12 Labors of Hercules/HERUcles.” Once Hercules cultivates enough personal power to negate the influences of the 12 signs that make up the Zodiac he can manifest the Messianic force that exists within him. This messianic force is represented by the number 13. When we break down the number 13 we can clearly see that 1+3=4, which gives us the four corners of the Great Pyramid which points in the direction that we’re headed, which is straight to the top. We’ll be released from our astronomical prison on BAIL and regain our lofty status as BA’AL, Lord of the Heavens. This ascension is the call of the One, which many call The Most High. Mawu’s return will be a time of forgiveness, healing, and heightened sensuality.

In ancient Kemet this was foreseen as the Age of Hapi (Aquarius), when true happiness will return to the hearts and minds of men. If we harbor feelings of hatred and anger we will not ascend beyond 3rd density no matter how many spiritual books we’ve read or metaphysical lectures we’ve watched. This has nothing to do with forgetting about past injustices. However, it does have everything to do with forgiving the people who carried them out against you so that YOU can enjoy the benefit of continuing with YOUR own spiritual progression.

Earth is the only planet in our solar system that is not named after a Roman god, or any god, for that matter. The name “Earth” is German in origin and it translates to mean “the dwelling place.” To better understand the symbolic significance of these name designations for the planets in our solar system we should seriously consider the relationship that the ancient Roman empire had with the early Germanic people. The fact is that the Germans lived under the iron heel of Roman tyranny and hegemony from at least 256 B.C.E up until 455 C.E., which is when the Vandals destroyed Rome.

This historic event in European history is where the word “Vandalism” comes from. 256 B.C.E. also marks the year that Rome invaded Carthage, which was home to many of the classical Moors. If you add “256+455” you get “711” which is the same year that the quintessential Moors invaded Spain. Also “7+1+1=9,” and 9 represents birth. The year 711 signaled the birth of the last Moorish Empire. The ancient Moors of Carthage worshipped the moon goddess, Tanit, from whom you get the word “Tonight.” If you look up in the sky, you might see the goddess Tanit tonight.

Within the hellish hierarchy that masquerades as Western civilization, the Roman Vatican exercises its will over the British royal family, which is actually of German ancestry. The Windsors come out of the Sax-Coburg-Sa’alfeld bloodline which has Moorish roots (SA’ALfeld/BA’AL). Queen Charlotte Sophia was a mulatto woman and came out of the Sax-Coburg-Sa’alfeld line, which was later changed to Sax-Coburg-Gotha. The royal families of Europe are called “The Black Nobility” for a reason, and its’ not what you’ve been told. Planet Earth was a prison colony for the Milky Way empire of planetary intelligences, who until recently, ruled under the auspices of the treacherous Demiurge. According to Gnostic scripture, the demiurge is the son of Sophia, whom Queen Charlotte of Europe’s Black Nobility was named after. By stealing the knowledge of ancient people across the globe, the Vatican was afforded an opportunity to metaphysically position itself as the earthly microcosm of this macrocosmic celestial hierarchy.

                                                       Queen Charlotte Sophia

                                         Pope Benedict XVI's Coat of Arms

                                       Coat of Arms for Diocese of Freising

Everyone on Earth identifies the planets in our solar system by their Roman names and adhere to the calendar fashioned by the Roman Catholic church, yet they scratch their heads and wonder why all roads lead to Rome. The Vatican aligned itself with the Olympian energies that maintained the Glass Ceiling of your awareness. Rome has maintained its temporal power over humanity only because the world has granted it PERMISSION to do so. Change the calendar and change the names of the planets in our solar system and see what happens to Rome’s temporal power.

For my female readers who seek an even deeper understanding of how we came under the influence of these Olympian energies we must look to the antediluvian world for answers. This is the world that existed just before The Great Flood. However, I’m not talking about an oceanic flood that may be brought about by a Pole Shift. I’m talking about the Star Fire Flood brought about by the onset of the female menstrual cycle, which aided you in your descent into human consciousness.

The menstrual cycle played a critical role in helping women to retain the memory of their original pristine state as goddesses by eliminating biological, psychic, as well as emotional, toxins from their newfound bodies made of flesh, blood and bones. It is almost needless to say that purely spiritual beings do not carry any toxins, however spiritual beings trapped in human bodies do. Initially, all of the women who had just descended from the spiritual realm had synchronized menstrual cycles—meaning that they were all on their cycles at the same time.

These women viewed themselves—and more importantly, EACH OTHER—as divine emanations from the same universal mind. When women live in close proximity to each other, and share a deeply spiritual and emotional bond, they may find that they have their menstrual cycles around the same time. This is a holdover from that forgotten epoch that I’m striving to describe. This conveniently explains how the first Lunar calendar was charted. All of the women involved in that endeavor were menstrually in sync with the phase changes of the moon. The babies that these goddesses conceived with their gods were born around the same time. There was no acknowledgement of a zodiac because everyone was born at the same time (Ecclesiastes3:1).

Consequently, the original man and woman did not have any knowledge of all of these astrological influences—much less the astrological houses that we’ve attributed to them—until a spiritual rift came between the women. As these Wonder Women continued to descend into the flesh they started to forget about all of the things that made them all uniquely beautiful.

As a result, the women became envious, resentful and distrustful of one another. They became blind to the knowledge of their own divine gifts and began to secretly covet the gifts of other women. Back-biting and gossip ensued, and it has continued until this very day. Instead of having synchronized menstrual cycles, their cycles came at different times over the course of what we would now call a calendar year, which only signifies their disunity.

When babies were born they came out of their mother’s wombs crying because they realized what had happened to their parents. They have not undergone the mental development to verbally articulate to their parents that they were falling from God’s grace. All of the crying is the baby’s way of saying “Mommy and Daddy, what ya’ll doin’? Ya’ll fuckin’ up, yo!!!” When these babies grew into adulthood they could not relate to most of their peers because they were all under different astrological influences. They were all under the yoke of the zodiacal gods. This disunity lead to marked differences in perception, which lead to misunderstandings, which bread resentment, which erupted into warfare, disease, depravity and death.

All of this brought about the fall of the Black god and goddess who are the co-creators of our universe. Since we were so enamored with our creation, we eventually became a part of it. We became the humble subjects of the grand matriarch that we crowned together. Her name is Matter, which comes from the Latin word “Mater” which means “Mother.”

 With regard to the zodiac, it is worth noting that an ancient Sumerian  word used to refer to a passing cycle of time was “Sha’atam.” This word has a linguistic relationship to the Arabic word “Shaitan” which is known as “Satan” in Hebrew. In Rome the god  “Saturn was known as Father Time. In Greece he was called Chronos.  The malefic intelligence that we call the Devil, comes into human consciousness through the awareness of time. To perceive time is to perceive division within yourself, as well as between yourself and others. There was an epoch now shrouded in legend in which we did not measure time, because we were not aware of it.

In order to assist humanity in breaking the astronomical, astrological yoke that it is currently under, all women need to become more cognizant and appreciative of their own uniqueness and inner beauty so that they will come to a full understanding of just how wonderful they could be. While men can certainly assist in facilitating this new rise in awareness, this Great Work is something that must be initiated by women amongst themselves. Once they do this, they will be in a position to conceive babies with men who will restore Ma’at. Once Ma’at is restored we’ll be released from our spiritual prisons. Some may call this a fantasy. I call it justice.