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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beyond the Chocolate War: Venus vs. Mars

“Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits,”

            – Baron Justus Von Liebig, 19th Century German Chemist.

Many centuries ago the Celtic and Germanic people believed that their sacred burial grounds were populated by mystical dark-skinned elves whom they called “Brownies.” These so-called elves were actually miniature chocolate people. This is where the concept of the “fudge brownie” comes from. Whenever you sit down to eat a Little Debbie’s brownie—which is a miniature chocolate cake—you are figuratively eating the Twa people, whom Europeans called pygmies after they colonized and carved up Africa.

The preconscious desire to consume African melanin and culture is apparently embedded in the genetic memory of the Germans to this day. Maybe this is just one of the reasons why the German model and actress, Heidi Klum—who is gleefully covered in chocolate in the picture above—married the Nigerian singer, Seal. Meanwhile, German chocolate manufacturer, Bahlsen, produces a thin wafer cookie covered in rich dark chocolate called “Afika.” It tastes pretty good. I guess those Germans know their chocolate.

Anyone who knows me pretty well is aware that I LOVE to eat chocolate cookies—especially the ones made with dark chocolate. Eating dark chocolate helps me to replenish and rejuvenate my melanin which becomes rancid as a result of my frequent interactions within this hostile Western society. Chocolate tastes best under warm temperatures. Cold temperatures cause it to go stale. Now apply those facts to Chocolate People and consider what that implies. I will talk a little bit more about my love affair with chocolate cookies when, or if, I get the “green light” to do so in The Mysteries of Sex Magic II.

The Twa, whom I mentioned earlier, were highly regarded throughout the ancient world for their piety and mystical powers. In ancient Kemet, the vertically challenged god Bes embodied the earliest concept of what one might call a “guardian angel.” The Ugandan dwarf was said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who carried him in their hearts. Etymologically speaking, the word “bless” originally meant “to be covered in blood,” however I wouldn’t be surprised if there were also some etymological connection between the words “bless” and “Bes.” God Bes the person who finds credible literature that supports my conjecture.

                                                             The god Bes

Nevertheless, The Chocolate War that is currently being waged against archetypal humanity is not a matter of conjecture. In fact, it is as real as the Ugandan chocolate that is on my altar right now. As reported on, 70 percent of the world’s raw chocolate is slated to be genetically modified. The culprits behind this push towards synthetic delight are the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the computer giant IBM, and the U.S. chocolate manufacturer, Mars Inc., which is putting up most of the money to turn this nightmare into a reality.

Mars Inc., which grosses at least $30 billion annually, came under fire from PETA and other animal right groups a few years ago for conducting cruel experiments on animals. The company which makes “food” products like the Mars Bar; M&Ms; Skittles, Snickers; Twix; 3 Musketeers; Milky Way; Pedigree dog food; Whiskas cat food and Uncle Ben’s rice, is named after Frank Mars who launched the brand in 1911.

However, students of world mythology know that Mars was originally the Roman god of war. Astronomers often refer to the planet Mars as “the red planet,” which happens to be one of the root chakras in our Milky Way galaxy. This base energy center—which is deeply rooted in man’s internal galaxy—is responsible for his primal appetites, warlike nature, and violent displays of passion. The root chakra is the only thing being activated in children who eat Milky Way chocolate bars and then start throwing textbooks at their teachers and terrorizing their classmates.

Chocolate comes from the cocoa seeds of cacao trees. Before cacao ripens it is green and yellow, which are the sacred colors of the goddess Venus who rules over the zodiac sign of Libra. It’s ironic that rapper Lil Wayne, who is a Libran, released a song called “Green and Yellow” shortly after I published my Green Magic series. I am also a Libran. According to the International Cocoa Organization (ICO) statistics for 2008-2009, Europe accounted for 50 percent of the world’s cocoa consumption, while the United States accounted for over 32 percent. This means that Western countries account for over 80 percent of the worlds’ cocoa consumption. In 2010, the U.S. state department gave Mars Inc. an award for “corporate excellence” for its alleged effort to sustain the production of authentic cocoa which is supposedly in danger.

                                                              Cacao Tree

Most of the world’s cocoa is produced in West Africa, which is no secret to Heidi Klum. The fact that the Olmecs of Central America were producing cocoa, and drinking hot chocolate at least 5000 years ago, only strengthens their cultural ties to West Africa in my mind. In my two-part 2010 series, which I wrote a little over a year ago, I explore the connection between the Olmecs and the Akan people of Ghana.

Hiding behind the bullshit excuse that it wants to help African cocoa farmers, Mars is trying to feed everyone on the planet fake chocolate by 2012, which is when the International Cocoa Agreement (ICA) enacted in 2001 expires. The genetically modified chocolate that Mars wants us to eat could be laced with cockroach DNA, for all we know. If I start twitching and doing the Harlem Shuffle whenever I lay on my back, then there’s going to be a problem. However, that's highly unlikely since I won't be eating their products.

Some of you who are reading this blog are probably saying to yourselves “Okay, this is interesting information, but what does this so-called ‘Chocolate War’ have to do with me?” Well, with regards to all of these breaking developments, or lack thereof, we should keep in mind that chocolate—and I’m talking about REAL chocolate, not that genetically modified shit—releases endorphins in your brain that make you feel like you’ve fallen in love.

It also stimulates the production of serotonin in your brain, which is where melatonin comes from. Melatonin assists you in having a good night’s sleep, which is necessary for spiritual regeneration. This explains why most people are cranky when they don’t get enough sleep. The crankiness that sleep-deprived people display is a desperate attempt to combat mental and spiritual fatigue.

If you’ve read books like DMT: The Spirit Molecule, by Rick Strassman M.D., or even a variety of science and medicine journals, then you may already know that serotonin—which authentic chocolate stimulates the production of—contains tryptamine, which is the active ingredient in all psychedelic drugs like LSD, DMT and MDMA (Ecstasy pills). Interestingly enough, most anti-schizophrenic medications are serotonin inhibitors. When your Third Eye (The Eye of Heru) is opened it secretes massive amounts of serotonin. Schizophrenia occurs when an individual opens the Eye of Heru and they are not ready to see, or cannot process, what is in their metaphysical field of vision. Paxil doesn’t remove anything from the schizophrenic’s field of vision. It temporarily blinds them to what is there.

During the 1960s and 70s new age guru and C.I.A agent, Timothy Leary, was encouraging white hippies and beatniks to take LSD to raise their consciousness and boost their creative potential. However, healthy people with lots of melanin produce enough tryptamine NATURALLY. Highly melinated people don’t need man-made recreational drugs to be creative and heighten their awareness. All they need is authentic chocolate, a focused and attentive mind, coupled with a burning Desire to give the world the best that they have to offer. Desire is a seed. Knowledge is its tree. Understanding is the chocolaty reward once the cacao is pounded into wisdom. This is the Holy Trinity that is so sacred to our very lives.

What we are actually witnessing with Mars Inc’s push for global GM chocolate is a formal act of war against those Venusian qualities that reside within you. In ancient Rome, Venus was the goddess of love, sensuality, beauty, fertility and the imagination. Western society is working around the clock to divorce us from having any firsthand understanding of what these qualities are, and how they can enhance our lives. The base individuals seek to accomplish their mayhem and mischief (M&Ms) through technology, dogmatic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), Planned Parenthood/Eugenics, and standard education.

All of the qualities associated with the goddess Venus—who is also known in other world cultures as Heru Het, Oshun, Lakshmi, Aphrodite, Innana, Ishtar, Erzulie and Al Uzza—pose a significant threat to Western civilization’s Cyborg Agenda. Venusian attributes are critical for any creative endeavor. First Order beings CREATE. Second and Third Order beings merely exist and subsist off of the efforts of creative beings. I write for the thrill of the ink spill, and the excitement I feel when I’m read. And although I’ll write for free, or fee, I deposit checks and stack bread.

                                                   Venus, the Light Bearer

We must seek the Middle Pillar in times of Severity when a perceived adversary grants us no Mercy. Listen to music that instills in you a sense of internal harmony and peace of mind. I love Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain album. John Coltrane’s Love Supreme is great too. Calming music can help you to amplify the very thing that the Beast would like to take away from you. Another simple, yet highly effective way, for us to combat the onslaught of the synthetic is through the practice of Green Magic. Invest your time, money, and most importantly, your ATTENTION in people who use their creativity to reinforce YOUR highest ideals and aspirations.

The world is full of First Order beings that practice education, art, entertainment, science, media, business and agriculture. Many are doing incredible work for themselves, but in altruistic service to others. We need to support them as best we can, because in doing so we’re only fortifying our love for beauty. This love inspires us to feed our imagination and externalize the creativity that we were made to embody. It’s Venus versus Mars. It’s time we came back down to Earth.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Mighty Thor: The Whitewashed Orisha of Scandinavia

When details concerning the movie Thor hit newsrooms near the end of last year, there was a big fuss over the fact that Nigerian actor Idris Elba was cast in the role of Heimdall. The figure from Norse mythology is the watchman of Asgard, which is home to the gods.

The Neo-Nazi film critics in Hollywood felt that Elba should not have been cast in the role of Heimdall, because if you asked them, there were no Black people in Scandinavia during the centuries that the mythos had taken root. Of course anyone who is familiar with the work of Runoko Rashidi knows that there is no place on planet Earth that the Black man has not visited. We went EVERYWHERE and our cultural footprints can even be seen in the icy landscapes of Norse mythology.

Heimdall is the gate keeper, and in many ways, a spy who served Odin who is King of the gods. Amateurs who will attempt to decode the Thor movie might say that Elba was depicting a loyal Boule gatekeeper who is the advisor to the king of a vast white empire. And on some level, they could be right.

However, when we look at the BIGGER picture, all of those Norse gods are European adaptations of West African deities. In the movie, Thor is really a composite of the gods Ogun and Shango. When he was banished from Asgard he was Ogun, but when he returned, he came back as Shango. Meanwhile Loki is really Eshu and Odin is clearly Obatala. The Orisha of the white cloth is known for his piety, patience, and prudence and Odin exhibits those qualities throughout the film. According to Yoruba mythology—which is as ancient as any mythology on the African continent—Obatala banished his son Ogun from his house, although for a different reason than Odin banished Thor in the film. The story about Ogun and his father Obatala is relayed in the book Obatala, Santeria and the White Robed King of the Orisha by Baba Raul Canizares.

The runes that Thor used for the purpose of oracle divinition are peculiarly reminiscent  of the cowrie shells that Yoruba priests use for the same purpose. Some may say that it’s just a crazy coincidence. I say that it is a profound truth that has been conveniently overlooked. There were ancient Moors who served in the Roman military. At least two of them became emperors, hence the cover for the Big Daddy Kane album Long Live the Kane. Since Rome had military bases throughout Europe, it would not be a stretch of the imagination to consider that they shared aspects of their culture with the Europeans they encountered.

The Large Hadron Collider, which is the world’s largest particle accelerator in Cern, Switzerland is really an attempt to build an artificial Bilfrost bridge. The Bilfrost bridge—for those who haven’t seen the movie, or are not familiar with Norse mythology—is the pathway that connects planet Earth (Midgard) to the Abode of the gods (Asgard). Some MGM readers may recall that Switzerland, the country that the collider is currently located in, is one of the places in which Norse mythology was very prominent.

However for those of you who are Original beings, the real Bilfrost bridge is something that is very intimate and very personal. It’s your spinal column where kundalini rises along the Sushumna in your spine. The seven chakras that it activates in the process are each associated with a specific color, hence the Bilfrost is also known as The Rainbow Bridge.

Heimdall, the All-Seeing, All Knowing intelligence at the top of your Bilfrost is the Pineal Gland in your brain. Asgard is your personal Kingdom, or rather the King’s Dome, or the King’s MIND which GLOWs when it has access to the right kind of MEDIA. Ice Men don’t build Kundalini. They resign themselves to build frost, and devise technologies designed to mimic the capabilities of your Bilfrost.

I don’t think that those mad scientists in Europe realize who or what they’re potentially bringing down here in trying to build their artificial Bilfrost bridge. I guess we’ll just have to just wait and see. In the meantime, I’m going to go have a slice of chocolate cake. I need my sustenance.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Taste of Chocolate

It was a sweltering Saturday night in June when Pierre Devereux strolled into Madamé Vanilla, a swank restaurant and bakery on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan. As soon as he stepped through the bakery’s revolving door he was acknowledged by the stoic cashier manager who never seemed to crack a smile. The cashier wore a crisp black blazer, starched white dress-shirt and black bowtie. It was the signature apparel for all of the Madame’s carefully polished employees.

The manager was a middle-aged Latino man with a salt-and-pepper mustache and gold-rimmed eyeglasses. The nameplate on his lapel read “Juan,” but his reserved speech, and silent confidence, betrayed the makeup of a Don. Juan gave Pierre a cordial nod after he saw him at the bakery for the third time in the same week. Pierre nodded back, and then stepped to the counter. In a concentrated effort to cast a furtive lid over his bubbling excitement, Pierre calmly placed his order.

“Hello sir, I’d like a pineapple coconut layer cake.”
“Sure. Will that be all, sir?”
“That’ll be $69.95.”

Pierre handed the inscrutable cashier 70 dead faces, got his nickel, and moseyed out the door. When Pierre got home he went straight to his bedroom where he made himself comfortable. You can’t eat cake before you make yourself comfortable. As Pierre vigorously plowed through the vanilla with sweet reckless abandon it was like a cat chasing its tail, the Human Torch burning in hell, or crossing the Sahara on camelback, in the fruitless search for a waterless well. The coconut cake tasted great, but no matter how many times the cookie crumbled, there just weren’t enough nachos in the afro sheen. Pierre found himself locked in a moist and tender vortex of honeycombed hunger and despair. He needed a thicker and richer cake with more density, to rid his throbbing sweet-tooth of all of its angst and frustration.

That same night Pierre stopped by Spice of Life, a quaint little spot located on 135th Street and Broadway in Spanish Harlem. This time he purchased a molten chocolate fudge deluxe layer cake. It was the very first time that he had tried it. When Pierre left the bakery with his box of hot fudge he heard the opening piano riff to Barry White’s “I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More Baby,” emanating from the foreground of the summer night’s street. “Zuh-zuh-zuh-zuh-zunggggggg…….zuh…zuh…zuh-zuh-zunggggggg.” Pierre calmly slid into his Trojan mustang with the Magnum interior before he burned rubber, and spurted off, into Dawn’s pearly night.

Pierre had already noticed a difference between the exotic fudge and the vanilla pineapple coconut cake. The dark fudge was heavier than the vanilla even though they were both the same size. Pierre found this somewhat odd, but never gave it much thought. Like a devout monk under a vow of celibacy, Pierre couldn’t give a fuck. He was more concerned with washing that chocolate cake down with some ice-cold milk before going to bed.

When Pierre got home he wasted no time figuratively, or “reel.” He darted into the kitchen, and dipped into his drawers, for the heavy titanium steel. Pierre was entranced by the delectable treat that Yemaya’s Bakery had made. He whipped it out, and cut into that cake with his long chunky blade. Pierre’s heart was set aflutter. His black soul began to sing. He ascended to paradise on a chocolate Pegasus flanked by pink, creamy wings. The lightning bolts under heaven’s waters flashed like razor-blazed grenades, or juicy raisins in dandelion baskets served by gorgeous sun maids.

Pierre was nearly halfway through his dessert when he could not eat another bite. The chocolate icing was as sweet as victory, filling his taste buds with delight. Pierre felt a surge of monstrous energy. Never before was he so electrified. A low calcium man, dripping with heavenly content, he couldn’t have been more satisfied.

After Pierre wiped the sweat from his brow he could only marvel at the powder-blue box that once encased his chocolate dream. With the pineapple coconut it seemed like the more Pierre ate, the more it drained his soul, leaving him hungrier than he was before. With the chocolate fudge layer cake, on the other hand, it appeared that the harder he plunged his fork, the more treasures he unearthed from his Poseidon adventure. The chocolate was a gracious gift that kept on giving. The exotic visions of African fudge wouldn’t budge from Pierre’s brain. His groovy excursion through the hall of records, in the deepest recesses of Patala, had him seeing the moon and stars, like the Ugandan giant, Kamala.

As Pierre picked his brain for a logical explanation it finally started to make sense. Yemaya’s chocolate fudge cake was carefully baked with love, heart, and soul. Yemaya bakes what she makes because she truly wants you to enjoy her cake. The vanilla pineapple coconut cake, on the other hand, was baked by a grossly overrated restaurant franchise for the sole purpose of profit and mass consumption. From that point on, Pierre decided to stick with the molten chocolate fudge deluxe. Yemaya remains supremely confident that if more Brothers  take the time to taste, and actually chew, her cake before they swallow it then they will do the same.