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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sokaric Synchronicity

If I only knew... Just seconds after I took a seat following my very first public speaking  enagement, acclaimed author and metaphysicist Teferu Azr (a.k.a. Justin Thomas who wrote the epic novel, A Company of Moors) put me on to some powerful information related to what I had just talked about regarding the Ptah-Sokar Awards, more formerly known as the Oscars. Teferu told me that he saw a copy of The New Yorker, which depcited the famous Sokar/Oscar statue with a pharonic headdress on its cover earlier in the week.

The very next morning I copped the magazine just to see what the cover story was saying. Although I didn't find anything to report back to you, the image on the cover spoke volumes. I wish I knew about the magazine cover going into my little presentation. I usually visit Barnes & Noble at least once a week, but for whatever reason, I opted not to go the week that I presented. Nevertheless,  its just more confirmation of what I said in the video footage above.

I find it somewhat amusing that the image was on the cover of a magazine called The New Yorker, given that I am a New Yorker and the magazine is dated just a day after my presentation in New York. In addition to that, the magazine cover is in a black and gold motif much like my Mind Glow Media blog.

This was definitely a case of Sokaric Synchronicity at its finest. Ptah-Sokar is talking to me and I am all ears