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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Devil's Food Cake: The Cake That Hate Produced

Most of us have been subject to some form of abuse over the course of our lives whether it was emotional, psychological or physical. Many of us have abused someone else in some way as well. This fact raises many questions, but the one question that I will focus on in this MGM post is: who benefits from this abuse?

In one of my previous posts “The Estrogenda & The Media’s Power of Depiction”I made brief mention of spiritual intelligences that feed off of human pain, anger, and suffering. About six or seven years ago I obtained a 20-page booklet that occult lecturer, Bobby Hemmitt, was once circulating entitled Melanin People: How to Eat and Devour their Energy. White Luciferians Reveal their Secrets. In this booklet we read the following:

“Luciferism can be understood in part as a philosophical and spiritual extension of eating and consuming. When compassion, empathy and conscience are killed, then devouring can swell proportionately. When the impediments to personal power acquisition are removed, then devouring the life energies of other beings becomes easy: I become stronger as you become weaker, I absorb strength as yours flows into me. I become capable of this because I do not experience your pain, I don’t care about your loss, and I feel no regret about using, abusing, and devouring you.” (pg. 1)

After reading that quote you might be asking yourself what kind of sound rationale could there possibly be for this insane treatment of other human beings? Self-professed psychic vampire, Michelle Belanger, offers what she believes to be a valid one in her book The Psychic Vampire Codex which is essentially a guide book for people who choose to practice psychic vampirism. Herein she says:

“There are many people who naturally produce more energy than they require to sustain themselves. Many of these are called to be healers, and there is an aura about them that just seems to reach out to others and give and give. For every person who has a natural abundance of energy to give away, there is another person who has a natural need to take that energy in, and so the energy of the universe remains in a constant and vital flow.” (pg. 40 -41)Now first of all, you have to ask yourself where this woman gets the authority to determine whether or not a person produces more energy than they need? And if they do, what gives her the right to feed off of it? Thirdly, who told her that what she engages in is a natural practice that enables the universe to remain “in a constant and vital flow”? Bellanger is a delusional parasite. But there are many just like her and they come in every race, gender, religion and creed. Some of these people consciously subscribe to the philosophy reflected in the two quotes, while others practice this philosophy unconsciously.

About 11 years ago, when I was in college, I was in an English class and the class was engaged in a typical discussion about some novel it was assigned to read. The class was discussing one of the main characters in that novel and one woman remarked that she didn’t want a boyfriend who would be “too nice” to her. She said that she enjoys engaging her man in heated arguments from time to time just so she knows that he has some backbone and can hold his own with her. She also articulated—quite well I might add—that this kind of behavior helps to keep their relationship exciting. That young woman may have matured and evolved a great deal since then. After all, it was 11 years ago. Yet she was a good example of a psychic vampire, a parasite who creates and then feeds off of the negative emotions of others.

Have you ever known someone who continued to take from you without ever even expressing the slightest desire to give something back? These people want your time, attention, money, knowledge, and more importantly, your emotional capital—particularly those emotions that resonate on a low energy frequency—so that they can sadistically satiate themselves through your personal anguish,or in the very least, your annoyance.

However, these people aren't who we should ultimately be turning our attention to, for they are merely possessed by other supernatural entities that literally feed off of human anger, violence, misery and suffering. Most people are familiar with the whole Christian mythos and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. To digress a little bit, it’s funny how Jesus Christ is a Greek name which means “Anointed Savior” (but wasn’t he supposedly Hebrew?) and he coincidentally ended up being just that to the world. Mind you no Hebrew historian had ever heard of Jesus Christ until he was introduced to the world by the Greeks (despite the fact that there is no known record of Jesus actually going to Greece or any other part of Europe if he did exist) who gave us the four gospels in The New Testament.

You can learn a great deal from the Christ story, but if the basic facts I just presented don’t show you that the whole Jesus Christ story is historical fiction used to teach profound spiritual truths, as opposed to actual history, then I don’t know what to say to you. Actually, that’s a lie. I do know what to say to you. Read The Historical Jesus and The Mythical Christ by Gerald Massey. After that read Who is This King of Glory by Alvin Boyd Kuhn. I could give you other titles like The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You To Read edited by Tim C. Leedom, but I think that the ones that I’ve already given are enough to prove my point.

Not to get sidetracked, but crucifixion was a typical form of capital punishment in ancient Rome. When a horizontal and a vertical line intersect there are four points, but under certain, shall we say, harsh emotional conditions, its intersection point creates a portal to the lower fourth density, which is inhabited by all kinds of malevolent supernatural beings. To get an idea of what the lower 4th density is like, think about going inside of that huge ghost containment unit from the 1980s Ghostbusters cartoon. These entities feed off of human suffering and bloodshed and they manipulate those individuals who emotionally resonate on their low energy frequencies. Watch the Star Trek clip below for a clearer illustration of this somewhat abstract concept. It's taken from the episode entitled “The Day of the Dove.”

When you try to be a good, wholesome person these beings become restless and demand more bloodshed from their loyal servants, which at this time, is the white power structure. This is done to bring more uneeded stress into your life. More stress means more negative energy which translates into more food for the vampiric entities. However, these beings initially gained entry into this physical reality through the activities of powerful Black men and women in ancient times. Not whites. These demons only like murder, perversity and maladaptive behavior. They are the ones behind all of these news stories you’ve probably heard about men killing their girlfriends, wives and children over the last two or three years. The Christians are correct when they speak of “spiritual wickedness in high and low places.”

I’ve heard people say that The Cosby Show was wack because “it wasn’t real. The Huxtables were too good to be true.” But what’s “real” to these people? I’ve even heard a few people say that A Tribe Called Quest, one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time, was wack because they didn’t talk about “that real shit” in their rhymes, i.e. frivolous gun talk and sexually explicit tales of female conquest.

And why aren’t Black women encouraged by the larger society to wear their hair natural? I’ve never seen a Black woman in my life who wouldn’t look equally, if not more beautiful, with a natural than she would with a perm. But who feeds off of Black women’s insecurities (Disclaimer: If you are a Black woman reading this and you choose to wear a perm it doesn’t automatically mean that YOU personally are insecure about your Blackness, so don’t get oversensitive. I’m speaking in a broad context, so if you’re offended, then make like a box of Creme of Nature and relax)? Who feeds off of the self-hate exhibited by several Black men who automatically prefer light-skinned Latino women with long straight hair to dark-skinned Black women with dreadlocks or a perm? It’s these monsters from the lower fourth density and each and every one of us, on some level, falls for their manipulations.

Look at the picture of James Brown from his album, Hell (1974), above. See how angry those demons standing behind him are that he’s glowing with Black power and pride? One monster is saying “He’s too strong. We can’t stop him,” while the other replies “That’s because he’s the Godfather.” WE have the potential to be Godfathers and Godmothers too! High self-esteem bothers these beasts because they’re the original haters who want to see you walking the streets with your head down. They pray on your lack of confidence. Why is that when white men are cocky it’s okay, but when Black men are cocky or genuinely impressed with themselves, for whatever reason, the whole world resents them? To answer the question you have to ask yourself who benefits.

You even have some “conscious,” tough-talking Black women spewing all kinds of bullshit about Black male subservience to the “Black goddess.” These women seem to confuse the anicent Kemetic lioness Sekhmet with Gloria Steinem, the old C.I.A agent whom they TRULY worship. Yes, you ARE woman, and yes, I CAN hear you roar. But your roar was bitten from white liberal feminists who sought to undermine the Black community at the orders of their white male Masters.

The Black man represents the masculine aspect of God and the Black woman represents the feminine aspect of God. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO REVERE AND WORSHIP EACH OTHER. There is no woman underneath the man, or no man underneath the woman. We both stand tall together, side by side. Those misogynist Black men who speak of female subservience to the man are also caught in a trap. A true god recognizes his woman as his goddess, not some pathetic underling. If we can’t show and prove that we’re god body then we’ll end up a race of bodied gods, slain by our own false pride and delusions of grandeur.

The only way for us to kill the astral predators who have made devil’s food cake out of the human race is for us to starve them to death. We must transcend our humanity by embracing our godhood. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and the state of the world and stop focusing on the white Illuminati, which isn’t even the real Illuminati. The world hasn’t seen or heard from the Illuminati since the fall of Moorish Spain, and that was over 500 years ago. When the Moors fell in 1492, the year that Christopher Come-Bust-Us sailed the ocean blue, the Illuminati went underground. What you have had since then is the Illuminati's polar opposite and that's the Satanic Roman Catholic Church sowing the seeds of discord throughout the globe. Fortunately, it’s about to be a Reynold's wrap for those spoiled leftovers from the Age of Pisces.

You’re all screaming “I’m a Moor! I’m a Hebrew! Israelite! I’m a Rasta! I’m a Yoruba! I’m a 5 percenter! I’m a Kemetic goddess! I'm an orthodox Muslim! I'm a Baptist!” These labels divide us, but the one thing we all share in common is the fact that we’re all Devil’s Food Cake. Unless we want to remain an appetizing dessert for hungry devils, we must challenge ourselves to take a step beyond the threshold of humanity. Once we become fully integrated individuals, we can become a fully integrated collective capable of sacrificing superficial differences for the preservation of our higher divinity. The time is now and the choice is ours.