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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The African Origin of the Illuminati: A Brief Synopsis

The Middle Ages were a time when most of Europe was ravaged by the brutal plague of ignorance. Much of the knowledge accumulated by the Greeks and Romans was scattered to the winds as a result of Rome’s moral decay and ongoing wars with neighboring European tribes.

To make matters worst, Roman Emperor Justinian, whose empire covered much of Europe and North Africa, abolished the so-called “mystery schools” of Kemet (Egypt) in the 6th century C.E. These universities of Ma’atematics (the science behind the maintenance of cosmic order) as I will call them, were major catalysts in the development of the more substantial aspects of Greco-Roman culture. In these schools Black Africans cultivated their souls through the integrated study and practice of art, science, mathematics, and spirituality. 

The wise Kemetic priests were holistic thinkers who believed that none could be fully understood without knowledge of the others. In his 1928 occult masterpiece, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Freemasonic historian Manly P. Hall says that initiates who attended these institutions of higher learning “entered it’s portals as men” and “came forth as gods.” According to Yosef Ben Jochannan, one of the preeminent scholars on ancient Kemetic history and culture, the students attending these schools fit into one of three categories.

The Mortals: Students on probation under instruction, who had not yet achieved experience into the inner vision.

The Intelligences: Students who had attained the inner vision and also received “mind” or “intellect”

The Creators or The Sons of Light: Students who became a part of the spiritual consciousness.

The African Sons of Light were the models, the standard bearers, for the European Illuminati that the Roman Catholic Church was so hell bent on destroying since the Renaissance (13th -17th century) and Enlightenment (18th century) periods. The new movie Angels & Demons didnt tell the whole story, but then again, it wasn't supposed too. 

The European Illuminati was despised by the dominant white power structure of medieval Europe—the Roman Catholic Church—for the same reason that white people who absorb and pattern their lives after the cultural values of Eastern cultures are today: they are constant reminders of just how bankrupt and hollow European culture is when compared to that which people of color have to offer. Any culture where men feel that their net worth is solely based on the material items they posses is an empty one void of any real intrinsic value.

Justinian and other Roman Christian emperors viewed African universities of Ma’atemetics as a threat to their new state religion. These emperors wanted their loyal and faithful subjects to look outwards to them for spiritual guidance instead of looking within. However, the abolition of Kemetic knowledge backfired on them. By the time the 8th century C.E. rolled around, Europe was in its Dark Ages. It was a period characterized by minimal accomplishment in the arts and sciences. 

However, with the spread of Islam throughout the Middle East and Africa beginning in the 7th century C.E., a powerful new empire was on the horizon. As the religion swept across the globe, Muslims coming out of Northwest Africa (primarily Morocco) invaded Spain in 711. Lead by general Gebel Al-Tarik, they entered through the Pillars of Hercules, now named The Straits of Gibraltar after the African general. Armed with the B.I.B.L.E (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), the K.O.R.A.N. (Knowledge of Order Rhythm Astronomy and Nature), and swords, these fearless warriors trampled King Roderick and his ignoble band of Visigoths under their feet and took control of Spain.

Following the historic confrontation the sons of Atlas ruled over Spain for almost 800 years, producing the finest civilization in Europe at the time. They were known as “Moors”(Blacks). The Moorish Empire covered Spain, Italy, and parts of France and Ireland. In the Spanish city of Cordova where they resided, the Moors created paved roads that were well lit for night-time pedestrians. Volumes of books flooded the city’s market places. 

Universities such as Oxford began to pop-up throughout Europe during the 12th and 13th centuries when Moorish lands provided Europeans with their main centers of learning. This should not be surprising in light of the Moors’ intellectual accomplishments. Most of Europe’s advancements in medicine between the 8th and 15th centuries were made by Moorish men and women.

The Moors also traveled the globe sharing and searching for the mystical knowledge that laid the foundation for early civil society. For well-over 1,000 years there has been a spurious version of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s Book of Enoch in Russia. Although the Russian Secrets of Enoch is believed to be a forgery, its compilers clearly had foreknowledge of the original Ethiopian book. Most likely, they obtained this knowledge from Moorish book traders.

The Moorish man was the prototypical "renaissance man." In fact, Spain and Italy, which had the strongest Moorish presence, were first to rise during the European Renaissance. The Moors were most responsible for this. Spain’s Christian King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella booted them out of the country during the bloody Crusades in 1492. However, they were smart enough to hold on to the vast repository of knowledge and information that the Moors had accumulated. They made sure to use it to their own advantage.

The very idea that Christopher Columbus accidentally sailed to the Americas after getting lost on his way to India, is absurd. The Spaniard’s chief navigator was a Christian Moor by the name of Pedro Alonso Nino. The Moors, who were legendary sea navigators, had detailed maps that showed exactly how to reach the Americas. This is because they were making trips here at least 2,000 years before Columbus was born. For evidence of their presence in ancient America checkout the Olmec stone-heads in LaVenta, Mexico.

As far as the origin of the term ‘Moor’ is concerned, there are many theories. Perhaps the most illuminating was proposed by Cambridge University Professor, Frank Snowden. He traced it to ‘Mauri,’ a term that some of Europe’s classical writers used to refer to Black Africans. Interestingly, ‘Mari’ was the name of an ancient kingdom in the Middle East under the dominion of Phoenicia. Phoenicia, which is today known as Lebanon, was also known for producing great sea navigators. In the 12th century B.C.E, these Phoenicians setup colonies in Carthage and Morocco. Ironically, Morocco is where most of the Moors came from. Could there be a cultural link between the Moors and the ancient Phoenicians? It is not only plausible, but probable.

Contrary to popular belief, Muslim Moors did not simply murder those who did not accept Islam as many white Jews and Christians lived alongside them in Spain. As a matter of fact many of the Moors themselves were Jews and Christians. In a series of documentaries produced by The History Channel called The History of Christianity, it is acknowledged that some Catholic priests traveled to Spain to receive theological tutelage—in Catholicism—from Moorish scholars. 

Protestantism rose to prominence after the Moors showed and proved to white Catholic priests that their popes were spreading false Christian teachings such as the selling of indulgences. The popes and their underlings were actually telling the public that they could commit any sin they wanted and still make it to heaven as long as they paid for their spot.

Under Moorish protection, white Jewish intellectuals and occultists were allowed to study subjects that were forbidden by the catholic church. The Jewish Kaballah, a spiritual system based on the ancient Kemetic Paut Neteru (The Tree of God), was conceived under these favorable conditions in 13th century Spain.

In her book Isis Unveiled Vol. 2, 19th century occultist Helena P. Blavatsky says that the Moors were “profoundly versed” in the esoteric spiritual sciences. “Nowhere, during the Middle Ages, were the arts of magic and sorcery more practiced by the clergy than in Spain and Portugal,” says the purported Russian mystic. “The Moors were profoundly versed in the occult sciences, and at Toledo, Seville, and Salamanca, were once upon a time, the great schools of magic.” With this in mind, it would not be a leap of the imagination to propose that the Moors were the true authors of the Kabala in its present orientation.

The fact that white European Jews were kicked out of Spain in the same year that the Moors were is by no means a coincidence. The church was working towards complete political and economic control of Europe so that it could consolidate its forces to plunder the earth and steal the wealth of indigenous people. 

The Moors presented the church with its greatest challenge in achieving that goal. Not only did they have an expansive intelligentsia, but a military presence that could challenge the Unholy Roman Cathlic Empire. The Knights Templar were put to death because they were working as spies on behalf of the Black Moors. In the eyes of the pope, this was tantamount to serving the devil. I strongly suggest you checkout Bobby Hemmitt’s lectures on the Baphomet goat head for any elaboration on that particular point.

When the Moors invaded Spain they did not bring any women with them, so there was a great deal of race-mixing under their rule. Many Spaniards and Italians—particularly Sicilians—have Moorish blood coursing through their veins. The same holds true for many of Europe’s royal families. I have seen some of their coats-of-arms and they depict Black men and women of high esteem. Maybe this is why those royal families are referred to as the Black Nobility.

As Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Ivan Van Sertima, and other mind-terrorists who have fought the scourge of white supremacy have pointed out, Black history is not just about the struggle for civil rights, slavery, apartheid and despair. It is also about laying your mack down and putting your smack down. More importantly, it is about being at the forefront of civilization on a global scale. Don’t take my word for it. Do the knowledge for yourself.

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Cultivation, by Ra Un Nefer Amen.

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